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Please, share your ideas with us.
Which contest/event on the forum would you like to see and with what awards

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in past had event we will use supreme,gold, platinium and diamond improvment and guet some limit gold rewrd we had to make screenshot before and after use improvment to guet rewrd.

you can also make event for alc we dont have many things to use team work of alc members only land rush and many players cant be on at that hour

2 days ago   #2

Hy there, my suggestion is to expand LR, with 1 or 2 more cities, fe. with Budapest and Moscow. The reward could be Honor, or General points. 

2 days ago   #3

Reply to #2 @thedoctor :

You do not understand, in this topic you need to write about what kind of forum event you would like to see, maybe you have an idea

for example: Mr. GenWar 2020, participants in such a contest must send a photo and wait for a vote, and so on

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