Server merge

By admin at 2021-08-23 • 1 collector • 534 pageviews

Dear users! Please note that 2021-08-23 will begin work on the merge of servers. JTGgame Team

So today will be merged server groups

1 group merge

S3_4_5_10_13_16_18_20_31m32_34_35_37_38_40_46_50_53_54_63_65_71_75_81_85_90_94_98_102_106_108 + S21_23_25_27_29_30_33_36_42_44_48_52_56_58_122_125_128_132_135finished

2 group merge

S9_11_12_14_15_17_19_22_24_26_28_39_41_43_45_47_49_59_62_66_84_86_89_123_137 + S55_57_61_68_70_72_74_76_78_80_82_91_93_95_97_124_127_129_131_134_138  -finished

Server Merge - Successfully completed.

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