Goodbye to Summer

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Прощай, лето! - Афиша | Keytown - новости СмоленскаDue to the fact that our favorite time is passing - Summer, we tried to spend it with pleasant promotions 

and so

From 24 to 29 August - Flash Sale has a discount of up to 50%- CLOSED

From 28 to 30 August  - I will help my friend: - CLOSED
the player who recharge, indicating only the nickname of his friend in the game, will be able to send 50% of the purchase of gold coins to him. You just need to specify the exact nickname and server of your friend in the game. Within 24 hours, he will receive 50% of the amount of gold coins you bought to in-game mail

Minimum recharge amount $ 15

From August 31 to September 1 - I will help my friend (part 2)-  CLOSED
if you have a unit or an officer and you want to give it to a friend, you write to us about it the (nickname / server of your friend (name of officer or unit)) conditions of this promotion:

— You do a $ 50 recharge and you have the opportunity to transfer one officer to your friend.

We will take an officer from you and give the same officer to your friend (but the officer will be level 1)
 — You do a $ 110 recharge and you have the opportunity to transfer one unit to a friend.
We will take a unit from you and give the same unit to your friend (but the unit will be level 1)

From September 1 to September 3 - Hello September -  CLOSED- 50% additional gold coins, not through in-game mail, but through the recharge system(that is + 50% of the bonus will be counted in all recharge events)

Minimum recharge amount is $ 30.

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