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Dear Admin,

I am using Baidu Browser... So far have no problem.

«  2020-10-29
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Dear Admin,Is there any posibility to put Instance ticket i Flash Sale? I need ticket to the troop. TQ

«  2020-10-05
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Dear Admin,

mMay you update the trade in unit T70  at trade in topics,pls. And May I know the general Ochinlake should match with which of troops. TQ

«  2020-03-29
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Dear Admin,

I wonder is there any posibility that JTG create another topics to update info or features regarding the troop that offer. I think most of us know nothing about the troops.

This may more easy to us and tour side too. I hope so. Thx.

«  2020-02-25
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Dear Admin, 

Thx for our fast responce.  

   Username : Arturmoon

   Server        :  S37 Miami

«  2019-12-30
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Dear Admin,

Good day, i have a question about Soviet Fury 185 where the ATA is 0%. Kindly hve a check. TQ

«  2019-12-30
Replied to topic  › Problem with Flash Player - solved!


Good day, Admin. Glad to Baidu Browser to solve Flash problem but the Application keep crash. Kindly assist. TQ

«  2019-11-26
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