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There Used to be Special Events where we could earn Better Troops... I wonder why it doesn't happen anymore... Every time there's been a Special Event over the last year or so, it's been for Items to buy with gold or silver... I would love to be able to work towards earning a chance to get a Spec

«  2020-06-07
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I'm being harassed & threatened by a player JosuaPark on server S128... I've deleted him & I ignore him... He's gotten my g

«  2020-06-02
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Thank-You for answering me... The server is S128 & the Leader is NorisRose2, the Alliance is called Aftermath & my name there is BLCornett... I'm the last Staff member that still plays... Again, Thank-You for answering me... I appreciate any help you can offer... 

«  2019-12-09
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I'm the last member of my Alliance that still plays this game, I'm also Staff, but I can't offer any new member a Staff position because I didn't create the Alliance... I need to know how I can take control of this Alliance in an attempt to grow it?

«  2019-12-08
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