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thank you  for your help 

«  22 days ago
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the game blame  becouse  i got 1 way  to recharge   before with  game box  thers many way to pay  not just one way 
 and how i know  you has skrill account if  i canot see
also  before not need  screen shot  when we used  skrill account
forget the promotion  i dont care anymore

«  22 days ago
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Reply to #10 @admin :

u see that scren where is skrill acount just one way to pay paybal no skrill account 


tanke you

should be thae game give bonus 

«  22 days ago
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Reply to #8 @admin :

you mean i get nothing  

i try for nothing  i dont know just for i day 

 you should  make another way to make pay  like before theres skrill is very good 

 i got many issue  to fix paybal acccount still no

«  22 days ago
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i recharge  

how i get bonus rechrge

New Year gives miracles!

«  22 days ago
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i got issues with reward ace battle of medenine-90

every time i got just 1 dogtag 

also the last one im not gt any dogtag reward  i f i get just one  every time and some time not  get anything  thats mean pay more than 2000 gold to play i

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