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Just a question whether if it is voilation of rule or not. In WW. If one acct (with or without Alt) hold the same resource city (either exp, silver, or mr) since the beginning of JTG. Never move his units or only move to one city then quickly return back to same resource city. Always won the colo

«  2020-01-20
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I know they are NPC and you're right it is city seige challenger 1 and 2.  I am not aware the challenger 1 / 2 ended for long time. That mean I am not the only one as same all other players as well. Made me wonder why my other user in different server still

«  2019-12-23
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I just reboot the computer, clear cache, and I tried again. Try both Google Chrome and Baudi. So I took the pictures again as you can see. 

«  2019-12-23
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Only nickname or player's name is "city seige" is the problem. Both of them. The other nickname beside "city seige" worked fine. Just "city seige" alone.

«  2019-12-23
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I have an issue on City Seige. For about a month I tried to play the two city seige. All I got is black screen and/or no units show on screen. I can play against player name with no problem but not the city seige. I cleared cache several times and nothing change. 

«  2019-12-21
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Problem solved!!!  I just played for 45 minute without a single crashes windows.  

Thanks to awesome for solving the problem and thanks to admin for helping out.

«  2019-12-03
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I have check out my computer for problem. So far none. I uninstalled google Chrome and reinstalled Baidu. Still crashes. I tried newer version of Baidu - it's crashes. I checked for any plug-in - I don't see any. I disabled my anti-virus program (Bitdefender

«  2019-12-01
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I tried to use Baidu Browser and follow your instruction. It kept crashing. Not only in General War but many other website like Wiki, Facebook, etc. I have been using Google Chrome on Windows 10 for couple of months and never happen. Is Baidu Browser still a problem or is it my computer?

«  2019-12-01
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