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SharkBait2 S137 

The world map needs to be reset.  USSR birthplace is level 211 and troops are stuck (shows the troop at war).  If a player rebirths there, all troops will be stuck.  My electomagnetic gun troop has been stuck there for a week.

Thank you

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The Cheetah Commando 200 in Top Trade says equip. req. lvl 190.   Can this troop be used by a lvl 190 player, or does the player need to be lvl 200 to use the troop?  Thank you

«  2019-12-29
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Sharkbait2 S137  

There is a problem/issue in Alliance War.  The troop RED DEVIL has unlimited "Elemental Bombardment" skill each round.  Players use the skill repeatedly until the timer to switch sides comes up.  There is no working CD time.  

«  2019-11-04
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EvanS122 Last Survivor

Admin is doing a great job with the game - thank you 

Could you please consider making the Dark Blue Assault Tank available in one of the future events?

Thank you

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