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Thanks, but I've made it with help. Still, thanks for the offer

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I already know that the higher the level, the harder it is. But 810%, WTF. At 810% I tried a lot of strategies, and I also watched the videos of others. If you fail at 810%, you eventually lose interest in the game, and

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If you really want to hide one, 810% kamp still did not succeed, because units heal almost all the time. I don't know any bad units. Also kamps often managed with 30%, but 810% and still nothing. No way, that's it for me. Has issued extra for testing almost 800 gold. but that is too much of a goo

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Does someone have the skill values or abilities of the Aura tank-140??

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Maren - S131 Bytom! 

2x the same player and attacks each other, that was the 2nd consecutive day. (ZloiAlex against ZloiAlex2)

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