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MertTran :  SERVER-137

Need more Upper, rare Class S+ or SS Gen.

If you like it and enough gold, you can easily buy NORMAL S Gen on Flash Sale.

And since upper limit of integrate is S class, It's difficult to get upper and rare Gen In the

«  2021-07-12
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Could you exchange Dogtag-1&5&9 for Halloween Candy during this speaical Halloween Top Trade In event? 


«  2020-10-29
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How many Dogtags will you provide?

i don't know how to deal with OLD Dogtags (Ex Ⅴ and  Ⅸ etc.).

May i sell these OLD Dogtags or keep them someday when they can exchange some good things?

Or have you planed to any exchange events between

«  2019-11-25
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Do you have any altanative plans to switch from Flash to HTML5 among other things when will finish until the end of 2020?

Or will you close this game at that time?

S137 Britain MertTran

«  2019-10-10
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If that's the case, why don't you sell "Subsitute General Series" for a change?  

After merged, it's very difficult to use General Integration because you always only sell General Fusion Medals and Conscription II,III but never sell "Substitute General Series".  

«  2019-10-04
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I will suggest you about new way of doing exchange Top-Trade In event.

Effective Exchange from Ice Fragment to Substitute General series.

B    x   2   need  Ice    50

A    x   2   need  Ice   100

A+  x   2   need  Ice    150

(  B  +  A   )  x

«  2019-10-04
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