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Issue solved, thank you

«  2019-12-27
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TheDoctor - S74 Prague

Hy there, i have a problem with recharging, shown in the attached jpg file. What can i do? Should i just wait, or am i missing something? The form is correctly filled, BTW, so its not me... 

«  2019-12-26
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Well, good news, thank you for the swift response

«  2019-11-23
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Hy there. I have a question and a suggestion. 

I would like to ask about Flash Sale. Does it have some sort of rotation, or is it totaly random? FE, i want to buy RPs on Flash Sale, but no such thing in the last time. Same goes for VIP trials. 

As for my suggestion, is there any way t

«  2019-11-23
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Hy there. Back in 2014-2016 i had an account on S74 - Prague, named DoctorWho. That was still back on Gamebox. Since i am back to the game, i want to ask, is there any way to retrieve my old account? Gamebox is dust, so are my log in datas... Any help?

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