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As you know, in the near future Flash Player will stop working, we have already reported this in the next topic on the forum (link ->Problem with Flash Player - solved!
Now we need to find out if all users have followed our recommendations?

That is, we need to know the number of players who already use a Chinese browser that does not need to activate the flash-player function, in order to know what measures we should take in the future so that you do not have a gap with access to the game (after disabling the Flash function Player December 30, 2020)

You should leave a comment about this.

— Do you use a Chinese browser (following our recommendations) and if not, why not? (link ->Problem with Flash Player - solved!

 — Give your answer here

Please refrain from flooding.

We are trying only for you.

Best regards, JTGGame Team!

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2020-10-29   #1

internet explorer

2020-10-29   #2

Reply to #1 @adolf :
You need to use our recommendations, as soon the Flash Player will not work and you may have problems entering the game.

2020-10-29   #3

the browser doesnt work 

Schermopname (39).png

2020-10-29   #4

when clicking on the server nothing happens

Schermopname (40).png

2020-10-29   #5

so far internet explorer is working, i am hesitant to install a chinese browser on my computer, with the new laws in hong kong i am sure the PLA intellgence service will moniter!

2020-10-29   #6

Game over. What is happening with Tic Tok and Chinese owed games. And putting a Chinese browers on America computers probally not a good idea. We may go to war with them soon. Who knows what the right thing to do anymore.

2020-10-29   #7

Reply to #6 @heyhey :

What has Tic Tok to do with it? Flash Player is shutting down all over the world because the software is out of date, don't you read the news?

2020-10-29   #8

I use Baidu-Browser. works fine and its faster than Flash

2020-10-29   #9

Reply to #8 @ruba1 :


2020-10-29   #10

Dear Admin,

I am using Baidu Browser... So far have no problem.

2020-10-29   #11

Reply to #10 @awesome :


2020-10-30   #12


I am using Baidu Browser and no problems.

2020-10-30   #13

Reply to #12 @kurtolsen :

It's great!

2020-10-30   #14

Game work properly for last 2 days since I start use baidu browser 



2020-10-31   #15

Reply to #14 @np1888 :

So, it's very good

2020-10-31   #16

players be carefull! did some research on baidu it is the 4th largest search engine in the world, BUT a big but! as of 2017 baidu cooperates with the chinese ministry of public security  and alerts them if there is an "misinformation" concerning pro democracy retoric! this is done by naturla language processing and AI. Baidu won a case in the US to have the right to block pro democracy queries and speech due to the first amendment. thus is you talk about the problems in china,hong kong etc you can be legaly censored and monitered! and realize that once you have the browser the chinese then can check out your life at ease!

just be carefull!

2020-10-31   #17

Reply to #16 @lutzow :

Do not write nonsense, please, do not involve here politics . We are playing a game, not discussing politics. Using a browser to play does not apply to anything you write. Live need a little easier, no need to complicate things all

2020-11-02   #18

Reply to #16 @lutzow :

We are not obliged to prove something, each person has his own opinion, our opinion is that the game world has nothing to do with politics, regarding the game chat, there is no need to monitor our chat, we have a game platform, not a political platform. You don't need to complicate things.I live in Europe and use this browser and I have never had any problems and will not have any problems

2021-01-13   #19

Baidu dan başka tavsiyeniz varmı hata veriyor

LeifBrock Server S137

2021-01-13   #21

Reply to #20 @admin :

Dosya virüslü diyor yönetici açabilirmiş 

2021-01-13   #22

Reply to #21 @leifbrock :

There are no viruses, the usual installation package, you can download this browser yourself from the Internet,  browser name : UC Browser.

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