Problem with Flash Player - solved!

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as everyone knows, soon Adobe Flash Player stops working in browsers, we solved this issue, in order not to have problems, you need to download and install this browser.
for PC (click here)-> Spark_brawser <-(click here)
Launch the game and no longer have to do anything with the activation of Adobe Flash Player.

for Mac (click here)->(Opera)<-(click here)
for ChromeBook (click here)-> APK
<-(click here)

*If you have questions, then write, we will answer and help you figure it out.

Have a good game!

Team JTGGame. 

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11 days ago   #1


Good day, Admin. Glad to Baidu Browser to solve Flash problem but the Application keep crash. Kindly assist. TQ

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11 days ago   #3

Reply to #3 @velociraptor :

Reply to #1 @awesome :

Try uninstalling and reinstalling with Administrator rights.
Press the right button on the installation package and select Run as Administrator

*If you are trying to open two tabs with the game in one browser, then try to open one in Incognito mode, the other in Normal mode

11 days ago   #4

Reply to #5 @admin :

Do not update and crash 

11 days ago   #5

Reply to #6 @velociraptor :

Try uninstalling and reinstalling with Administrator rights.
Press the right button on the installation package and select Run as Administrator

And do not do updates, everything should work

11 days ago   #6

Reply to #5 @admin :

It doesn't work with chromebook, sent you email

11 days ago   #7

Reply to #6 @coby2407 :

I'll check with specialists tomorrow and try to help you.

11 days ago   #8

Reply to #7 @admin :

also wont work on mac

10 days ago   #9

Reply to #8 @hiracarter :


for Mac (click here)->(Opera)<-(click here)

10 days ago   #10

Reply to #6 @coby2407 :

Please try it
(click here)-->APK

7 days ago   #11

I tried to use Baidu Browser and follow your instruction. It kept crashing. Not only in General War but many other website like Wiki, Facebook, etc. I have been using Google Chrome on Windows 10 for couple of months and never happen. Is Baidu Browser still a problem or is it my computer?

7 days ago   #12

Reply to #11 @dak2020 :

Apparently, you have a problem with your computer, since I use Baidu purely for the game and everything works without any problems, I even notice that the game loads much faster than in Google Chrome

Perhaps you are downloading the plugin, which is why the crash happens, I will give you (on Monday) a different browser, try using it.

6 days ago   #13

Reply to #12 @ admin

I have check out my computer for problem. So far none. I uninstalled google Chrome and reinstalled Baidu. Still crashes. I tried newer version of Baidu - it's crashes. I checked for any plug-in - I don't see any. I disabled my anti-virus program (Bitdefender). Baidu still crashes. After all this problem, I uninstalled Baidu browser and installed several other browsers to see if it is the same problem. It did not crash like Baidu did. Now I am back to Google Chrome. It seem that it is not my computer is the problem but perhaps Baidu is not compatible with my computer?

 Looking forward for different browser.  Thanks.

6 days ago   #14

Reply to #13 @dak2020 :

I will give you (tomorrow) a different browser, try using it.

5 days ago   #15

Dear Admin,

i also hv same problem like DAK before. Pls refer to this Youtube link to solve the problem. I did do it and everything is ok now. TQ. Hope can help.


5 days ago   #16

Reply to #15 @awesome :

Thanks a lot for your help

5 days ago   #17

In order to solve the problem with the plugin crash, you must delete the file
pc name> Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > baidu > Baidu Browser
file name : bdstatreport.dll 

5 days ago   #18

Reply to #15  @awesome and #17 @ admin

Problem solved!!!  I just played for 45 minute without a single crashes windows.  

Thanks to awesome for solving the problem and thanks to admin for helping out.

4 days ago   #19

Reply to #18 @dak2020 :

Have a good game

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