Summer Trade-in

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Limited in time
We are implementing the exchange of units and officers, it is worth writing on the forum and we will add an exchange.

— You can also integrate an officer up to S with 1 officer A +. It is enough to make a recharge of 2000 coins(single payment), write the name of the officer and we will integrate your officer to S

(*In this case, we will take 1999 coins + one of your officer A + and issue the same officer S)
(*On these conditions in the current event you can be exchanged only one officer)
(This does not apply to special officers who have a third parameter for the unit's skill.)

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2021-07-12   #1

MertTran :  SERVER-137

Need more Upper, rare Class S+ or SS Gen.

If you like it and enough gold, you can easily buy NORMAL S Gen on Flash Sale.

And since upper limit of integrate is S class, It's difficult to get upper and rare Gen In the present circumstances.

So I will suggest like this:

[14999 Gold]

Ghost General SS 

IronWood SS 

Ghost Trickstar SS

[12999 Gold]

Busch SS

Lee Yunlong SS

Malvinas SS 

Mikhailovish S+

Montgomery SS

Paulus SS

Also should be fixed to add S+ Attribute for Montgomery S+(ATK) and Ghost General SS(DEF), IronWood[NOT in Gen Manual] ...or other hidden Attribute some rare Gens.  It's unfair that New Gen like Ghost Trickstar and Snowman have SS Attribute, whereas  Old Gen who have SS level not show SS Attribute like Monty, Ghost Gen. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

2021-07-12   #2

Reply to #1 @merttran :

We will definitely look at all the possibilities for the transition of S rank officers to SS officers, but the current event is different from this. Thank you for your activity.

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