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So the update is complete.

Today's update is a continuation of the update we received recently.

Full list of all changes in update:


We tried to make some changes to the Shop/Store game, of course, for all changes to become available, your store must be of the appropriate level.

Maximum disclosure of all changes requires store level 120.

There are changes and additions in the store tabs: Troops | Combat Item | Material


This is also the first time you will be able to see SSR officers.

Officers are distinguished by the fact that they have high parameters, and also have 4 additional parameters:

Timoshenko SSR★★

Lv 20 Ran/Дал+2

Lv 80 Atk +30%

Lv 150 Atk +30% | Atk+32%

Timoshenko SSR★

Lv 20 Ran/Дал+2

Lv 80 Atk 25%

Lv 150 Atk+30% | Atk+18%

Stilwell SSR★★

Lv 20 Atk+30%

Lv 40 HP/ВЫН+45%

Lv 60 DOD/УКЛ+45% | DOD/УКЛ+32%

Stilwell SSR★

Lv 20 Atk+25%

Lv 40 STA/ВЫН +40%

Lv 60 DOD/УКЛ+40% | DOD/УКЛ+18%

We have added one more officer - the Defender.

We will also provide updated SE BKAN II EX units, as well as Morax A.V.

Best regards, JTGGame Team!

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26 days ago   #1

А на понятном можете написать?

26 days ago   #2
25 days ago   #3

Reply to #2 @admin :

Стилвел єсть в уставе, а Тимошенко нет(. А новий ген ето защитник или защитница? Параметри можно?

25 days ago   #4

Reply to #3 @kell :

Т.Ханге - рядом со Стилом. В уставе всего 3 новых офицера, только у двух есть прифекс SSR

Сюда нет, в игре увидите.

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