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This topic is intended only for request, that is, each player owning a unit of a certain level type can ask us to organize an exchange for a higher level using the trade-in event, of course, under certain conditions.

for example :

Server: S1
nickname: admin
I have an Aura tank-140, but I would like to make an exchange for Aura tank-185.

*We will consider your request and if an exchange is possible, we will notify you.

*request is accepted only in this format, any third-party messages will be deleted without discussion.

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2 days ago   #1

And so we continue, players who could not receive their exchange in the current Trade-in,

leave your repeated or new request, following the example from the first post.

Please, try to leave only 1 request, given that Trade-in has a limit on the number of pages, and there are other players also want to make an exchange.

2 days ago   #2



ник - ЕленаЛин

У меня есть пехота АпокалипсисI-90, хотела бы обменять на более высокий уровень.Спасибо

2 days ago   #3

Server: S131
nickname: Maren
I have an P1500 Grand Cannon-110, but I would like to make an exchange for P1500 Grand Cannon-130.

2 days ago   #4

Сервер S15

Ник Over

Есть Арес 150 хотелось бы поменять на 170-190-210


2 days ago   #5

ник. SamBryan
S136.Катюшу 90-й на 120-140-165 если возможно

1 days ago   #6

Сервер S-11

ник - БВФ

У меня есть танк WZ 132, хотел бы сделать обмен на 180 уровень.


24 hours ago   #7

pib in s 70
thank u very much for last trade in . I have a lvl 90 desert fox that needs to get to 165 in future event. Again thank u for last trade it is a good event .

16 hours ago   #8

Server: S38
I have P1500 Grand Canon-110....I want to exchange for higher level ( 130,170 ).or i want aura tank-185 for future evnts.
Thank you,Best Regards

13 hours ago   #9


сервер S4

У меня есть Дракон-90,но я хотел бы обменять на более высокий уровень.


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