Players communication!

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What give you communication?

New strategies for the game, new knowledge of the game, you can also make new friends.

Please, communicate without insults and offensive words.

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2019-07-03   #1

Hello, I am very dissapointed in the new settings. I have to have 400% buff to pass a Battle level. That means I must click restart battle like a million times.

2019-07-03   #2

Reply to #1 @tink :

why don't you use a 100% buff(buildup roar), + further strategy

2019-07-03   #3

Reply to #2 @admin :

I have to have 400% to pass a battle level. Without looking I think the biggest (buildup roar) I have is 20%. :(

2019-07-03   #4

Reply to #3 @tink :

well, you write that you are ready to use. so what's stopping you from getting 100% buildup roar from events?

2019-07-03   #5

lol If only it was that easy. What events give (buildup roar)?? Don't get me started on the events. :( 

2019-07-03   #6

Reply to #5 @tink :

The simplest event Accumulation Recharge,also, not long ago, this item was in a flash sale

2019-07-06   #7  mail adresli krakter GİLES 145 LV.......  OĞLUMUN MAİL ADRESİYLE KAYITLI CARIMA GİREMİYORUM   İLETİŞİMİ ersavas1969@hotmail adresimden yaparsanız memnun olurum yeniden oyuna dönmek istiyorum

s 137 avrupa

krakter  GİLES  S 137...  145 LV  MAİL sametsavas2004@ hotmail com oyuna giremiyorum

2019-07-06   #8

Reply to #7 @aslankral :

Selam,kusura bakmayin,amma biz e mail adresini deyisdiremeyiz. posta adresine erişimi geri yüklemeyi deneyin

2019-07-07   #9

maili değiştirmeyin sadece oyuna girmek icin şifreyi değiştirin kullandığım şifre ilegiriş yapamıyorum

yeni şifre verin

2019-07-07   #10

Reply to #9 @aslankral :

Siz deyisdire bilersiniz
Log In ->Forgot Passrwod -> registe etdiyimiz e mail adres, ve Send klik ediyosun, sizin e mail adrese bir link ulasiyo, o linkde, sifreni yeniliyosunuz. 

2019-07-07   #11

admin oğlumun e maili  ne şifreyi unuttuğumuzdan giremiyoruz şifreyi benim emailime ersavas1969@  yollayabilirmisiniz 

2019-07-07   #12

Reply to #11 @aslankral :

maalesef bunu tekniki bakimindan yapamıyoruz,e-posta şifrenizi hatırlamalısınız,ve ya e-posta şifrenizi sıfırlamayı deneyin

2019-07-07   #13

maile yolladığınız şifreyi aslakral ın  mail kutusuna atın

2019-07-07   #14

Reply to #13 @aslankral :

Bu kod bir kerelik, birkaç kez kullanılamaz (kaydedilmez), posta adresine zaten ekli demektir, tekrar gönderisimiz - size hiçbir şey vermez. e-post sifrenizi sıfırlamayı deneyin.

2019-07-10   #15

adminını oğlumun hesabını e postayı sıfırlayamadımızdan geri alamıyoruz   aynı emaille...sametsavas2004   mailiyle krakter..GİLES1  olarak yeni bir hesap actım önceki   hesabımı  buraya aktarabilirmisiniz önceki hesabım....145 lv...server 137  ..avrupa....krakter  GİLES    mail adresi aynı .sametsavas2004

2019-07-10   #16

Reply to #15 @aslankral :

Maalesef ki, mekaniki olarak bu imkansız!

E-posta adresinizin şifresini sıfırlamanız gerekir, başka yol yoktur.

2019-08-13   #17

When is the next maintenance going to take place? I have a lvl 210 bayon assualt tank that cost me 1000.00 dollars to buy and the solomon skill does not work like it should. I have been told that is will be addressed in the next maintenance. All I know is I am getting pretty upset  with having spent that much money and the unit is not working like it should. The skill is not working in the world boss fight and does not work in power battle. Only works sometimes on the world map. 

2019-08-13   #18

Reply to #17 @josuapark :


In the current weeks we are engaged in server merging, as soon as the process is completed (there is only one group of servers left), we will immediately deal with the solution of your problem. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

2019-08-17   #19

merhaba sayın admin

s137 de borancan kullanıcı adlı 150 lvl de hesabım vardı oyuna girince sıfırdan başlattı hesabıma nasıl ulaşabilirim  mail adresim

2019-08-17   #20

Reply to #19 @borancan :

Hesab kodunuzu kullanmadıysanız, size yardımcı olmaya çalışacağım. Posta adresiniz yeni mi?kullanmadın mı?

2019-08-18   #21

Reply to #19 @borancan :

E-postasını zaten kullanilmiş, yeni e-posta lazim.
Söz vermiyorum, kodunuzu kullanmadıysanız yardım etmeye çalışacağım

2019-08-18   #22

kod almadım ve kullanmadım yeni mail adresi

2019-08-18   #23

Reply to #22 @borancan :

Acc-nuz ugurla yüklendi.
Sana forumdaki inboxa mesaj gönderdim.

2019-08-18   #24

teşekkür ederim 

2019-08-18   #25

Reply to #24 @borancan :

İyi oyunlar

2019-09-03   #26

selam.. sametsavas2004@hotmail ...maili ile s 137 de bir hesabım var hesabımı  sunucu tasıma sürecinde  geri alamadım kod kullanamadım ve  admine  defalarca yazmama rahmen mail adresine yeni şifre yolladıklarını yazdılarbuemiyoruz hesabı oğlum sameyt savas adına acmıştım hotmailladresine oğlum şifresini unuttuğundan giremiyoruz ayrıca bu hesap facededende acık şifre yolluyorsunuz ama mail adresine giremedimizden  hesabada giremiyoruz   kod kullanmadık  face hesabımıza veya özelden  yenibir şifre yollarmısınız

2019-09-03   #27

Reply to #26 @aslankral :

Maalesef, size yardımcı olamayız, e-posta şifrenizi sıfırlamanız gerekir.

2019-09-04   #28

e postayı sıfırlayamıyoruz  kodda kullanmadık yeni bir  mail acsak oraya hesabımızı aktarsanız

2019-09-04   #29

Reply to #28 @aslankral :

Sevgili kullanıcı, yalnızca sıfırlanan postayla, yazdığınız hesabın sizin olduğunu kanıtlaya bilirsiniz.

2019-09-04   #30

Anyone else having issues in HOF where you have no control over your units once the battle starts and you can see another person dropping skills for your units? I know of one other person besides myself having this issue but according to the techs it is impossible for this to happen. I  have had it happen 8 times so far since they merged servers last week. Maybe if enough people are having this problem and speak up the techs will actually look into the problem. Usually it will say I won the battle but when it is over and you look at the record it shows I lost and lost points. If you watch the replay then it just shows your units go into auto mode and with no skills being used and shows you left the fight early eventhough that is not what happens during the original battle.

2019-09-04   #31

in the hof if you are the first to attack in the battle and if you dont kill all the enemies units by the time the rounds are finished then you lose.that is the way hof is.

2020-03-24   #32

coby2407 since you are so concerned with what I write and who I write about when it comes to HOF let me address  your concerns here. 1. I mention Demolition on s9 because I know of at least two accts that his IP address is connected with so since I know that to be fact I stick with the names I can back up with facts hence that is why s9 players are mentioned. It has nothing to do with who I can and can't beat. There are only about 5 players on the servers involved in my HOF that I can't beat so that does not concern me. Cheating concerns me. Demolition got caught cheating 2 HOFs ago by having his IP address linked to an acct that is in a completely different hemisphere than his main acct. He got out of his ban by using the same lame excuse every cheater who has gotten busted using someone elses acct uses and that is that it belonged to a family member and he was just putting gold on that acct. It is a BS excuse and lie. 2. Don't assume that I am only concerned with s9. I have turned in multilple accts from other servers for checking I just happen to go through our NG instead of posting on the forums pages. 3. My server is lucky to have a very proactive NG so a lot of times I will ask for some person to be checked and he has already noticed a pattern and had it checked and sometimes the techs get right on it and other times they don't. I had our NG turning in a player on s55 for having multiple accts in different powers and for 2 weeks the techs would not do anything until I came onto the forums page and raised a fuss about it myself instead of going through the NG. I have for almost a year suggested to the techs that they put a start level cap on HOF like they have on certain aspects of the game when you first start. Like colosseum only becomes available after you reach a certain level. If they would implement a starting level cap of say 140 to 160 it would cut down on alot of the alts and  twink accts that are going on in HOF. Lets face it. There really aren't many new players coming into this game and even if they were there would be no chance for them in HOF to gain rewards so having that start level cap would not harm them and it would prevent guys from coming back with alts an hour after getting banned since that is what is happening now. Guys get banned and they just create a new alt and in an hour they are back to helping their friends. So you see it has nothing to do with just s9 and everything to do with every pathetic player that likes to cheat and exploit the rules to keep the honest players from recieving rewards because they just don't want to spend any money on this game to get stronger.

2020-03-24   #33

Fact 1 demo has main account and 1 twink and didn't get caught cheating thats why allowed back in game, he didn't use lame excuse . You say this game is full of bugs but when someone come up against a bug you accuse them of cheating. We haven't got NG on ours so have to report ourselves but got that much abuse gave up doing it because same players were doing it and still in game only alt banned. The only way to stop it is to register main account and alt and ban rest

2020-03-24   #34

Yes demo did get caught logging into someone elses acct. I know this to be a fact that is the only reason I am saying this. I only deal in facts and not speculation. The fact that he got a ban and then several hours later it was reversed proves they found a problem with his IP being on someone elses acct. They don't ban and then check your acct. They check your acct and then ban if they find a problem. The techs have stated in the past that players are not to use or exploit bugs therefore when players find a bug and are using it to me that is considered cheating since it has been told to players to not use bugs they find in the game. There has been and I think there still is the bug in the game that allows a player to arrange certain skills in a certain order that maks the AI drop skills nonstop when getting attacked. This bug has been confirmed by 3 different NGs that I have spoken to over the years and has been fixed a few times but seems to have come back.

2020-03-24   #35

If you have been following anything I write I have been trying to get alts banned for good on players who have been caught cheating multiple times. I have also been trying to get the techs to ban these same players main accts for a week after 3 times of getting caught cheating and to increase the length of time their mains get banned for every time caught after 3. This is the only game that I have played over the years where they constantly give a player back his acct for cheating. It is stupid. They make game rules then tell me that they are not responsible for a players actions. Then why even have rules? They make units with special abilities that anyone can buy if they want to spend the money and then take away the abilities of my units in power battle, colosseum,arena, and HOF and tell me it is not fair to the other players that my units have these special skills. Again this is the only game that I have played that does this. I bought these units to help myself deal with the players who have outspent me in this game. I have probably spent close to 20k on this game over the last 5 or 6 years and to have them nerf my units because other players are upset that they don't have units with special skills pisses me off.

2020-03-25   #36

Im on about other bugs in the game I keep losing connection to game, About 10 times now after about 15 mins into game when doing instances my game freezes and when I reload I have lost everything I've just done. Sometimes game goes into video mode and you cant do anything. In h of f if you watch a video of past battle and then go into battle it goes into video mode and you lose. When that battle took place they were different IP addresses. There is nothing in rules to say you cant log into someone elses account. Both work long hours so help each other out to do daily.

2020-07-01   #37

Acct sharing has always been against the rules and I have told the techs months ago about HOF sometimes screwing after watching a replay of a fight and they basically told me I did not know what I was talking about. At least someone else has run into the same thing as I have. Always refresh after watching a replay of a battle before matching up or you get that stupid glitch in your next fight.

2020-07-01   #38

So why you using Wizz account then ?

2020-08-14   #39

I don't use wizz in HOF so why are you lying.

2020-08-14   #40

Also for the record the Wizz account was acquired by me and cleared through the previous owners of this game and is used in a manner that follows all the rules so you can stop with the suggestion that I am doing something wrong.

2020-08-30   #41

Yeah random and where is the wizz BP? At fort gilbraltar which you and BLC helped GzimCurry almost take because you kept taking cities right behind him to help keep him in a buff to try and clear that fort. Of course I am going to try and take it to prevent him from using that as a BP to keep attacking my BP as you and blc keep taking cities to keep him in a big buff. What you failed to show is that I just sat there until the buff came down before I move on to ankara which I sat at while BulutAyers defended fortblacksea until BLCornett came back on and then when blc started moving bulut left that fort and let BLC take it so that he could gain access to other soviet cities and start running up the buff which blc did and then bulut started moving while blc followed behind to keep him in a buff. You have gotten better but blc continues to work with the soviets or at the very least play in a manner that helps them but I believe based on the way he moves and stops when the soviets move and stop that he is working with them. He spent a couple years as a soviet and his alc was all soviet and he had to be threatened with a ban in order to get him to remove all the soviet players from his alc when he moved to allies so that is the type of player he is. Then he asked you to come help him once he started getting banned so you could play the way he does when he got banned. This server was dead enough before you two started playing this stupid way and now it is even worse because what few players are here can't do anything because nobody but me or kudarat can deal with that big soviet buff and nobody can get to cities because you and blc and his alt fan out and take them all and since you guys are deliberately remaining low lvl so you can move fast nobody has a chance unless they coin to cities and nobody wants to do that either. Sad that the techs are willing to let two players like you run off other players that just don't want to play anymore because there is nothing for them to do in the game other than to watch two players run the map and not let anyone else get honor or kills and you two are not even spending gold here so I don't understand why they are protecting you.

2020-08-30   #42

So, dead because of you

2020-08-30   #43

I did cause some people to leave but you have and blc have brought about even more people to leave just like OmGanteng caused alot of people to leave because he was willing to coin to win just like I do and most of the guys who left because of me were not coining on this server anyways since they had mains on other servers that were their main concern. You and blc have caused players that were coining here to leave or just stop moving because they can't deal with the buff you two egomaniacs keep the soviets in. I reiterate that you two deliberately work with the soviets to help them just because you can't beat me or outspend me. It is all really childish that you two will screw over everyone just to get at one person. Would be nice for you to grow up a little.

2020-08-31   #44

oh yes Random let me move my BP closer to our flag so that blc can follow behind gzim all the way to washington so he can hit washington with a 600% or more buff. Quit saying stupid things. Maybe you should tell your buddy to stop following behind the soviets and running up their buff. You know exactly what he is doing so speak to him. There is no call for him to be doing what he is doing.

2020-09-04   #45

 oh do you mean like how you are waiting till I am not on to take pics of you taking soviet forts to drive up the buff so nobody can do anything on the map or how you attempted to take moscow while the buff was already over 300% with GzimCurry right next to my BP. As I said before I will defend my bp no matter what the buff is. The buff was that high due to you taking a soviet fort and leaving them with only one and then continuing to take cites while Gzim was heading towards my BP. 

2020-09-04   #46

Lol where is photo of me taking soviet cap . The mercs are high level than my troops. I knew I would get killed so was just finishing my honors off. So you admit you will break rules for you own means

2020-09-04   #47

Reply to #46 @random :

Fuck him random he's just a cheating pedo dickhead

2020-09-04   #48

Nothing in rules say you cant take a fort

2020-09-04   #49

the pic you sent of wizz shows you attacking moscow when the buff is already over maybe you should stop and think about what you are doing before you try getting someone banned for something you yourself are already doing. You are the one that forced that situation by working with GzimCurry. You seen him down south heading towards my BP and you started taking cities to build his buff and knowing I would defend my BP.

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