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2020-05-11   #200

 i said i think the arrival notification is relevant.. why you write that idk

"for example:
In the same case, with the VIP player who enters the game, quite a lot of players are waiting for their friend to enter the game to go with him in instances or WW"

im not asking for disabling im asking - suggesting that more relevant, useful and tasteful info be used in the stead of the current gobbledegook. is just a suggestion that should be easy to apply. its just a scrolling message dialogue box so idk why changing that would be impossible..

2020-05-11   #201

Reply to #200 @nikolai :

I just gave an example of the fact that all messages carry useful information.

We will try to come up with something with this.
Thanks you.

2020-05-12   #202

can i assume that youve taken my suggestion / complaint seriously or not? your last post on the topic i raised leads me to believe that the games happy with the scrolling gibberish that i commeneted on in the first place.  what actions if any have you taken regards the suggestion/complaint i made? 

2020-05-12   #203

Reply to #207 @nikolai :

All appeals from the players are accepted,
we process these proposals, which of these proposals is in our power to introduce / correct / improve, and what is not in our power, that is, mechanically impossible, is left as it is.Above, I replied to you that your proposals were accepted and if it is in our power to change any of the above, we will do it.

2020-05-19   #204

  Since there are still a lot of players that are playing in one power to manipulate the buff  to help out their friends that are in a different power would it be possible for you guys to put a smaller buff cap in place? Right now the buff can go over 2000% which is way to high now for as long as this game has been out and there are so many high lvl players. A buff that high is no longer necessary. There really is no reason to have a buff higher than 700% now.

2020-05-19   #205

Reply to #204 @josuapark :

We will check our technical ability, if we can then reduce the amount of buffs for WW to 700.then we will do it

2020-05-29   #206


I have an idea to improve HOF and make it more attractive (i hope so) if u make hof to be played as teams not as indviduals will be more fair as we know that only very strong players will always have the prizes easly and will  need low level players as alt  so if it was as teams that will make a possibilty that a group of players can win some stronger players and alt will be meaningless in this form   u can make teams of 5 or 7  and battle field will look like LR 

KurtOlsen  sever 103

thank you 

2020-05-29   #207

Reply to #206 @kurtolsen :

Unfortunately, at the moment this is technically impossible, perhaps in the future, something will be possible.

2020-05-29   #208

why in the flash sale is not unit for player with low level, 70-90 lvl ?

2020-05-29   #209

Reply to #208 @gstrzele :

For levels 70-90, the available companies are not complicated, and these levels can be reached maximum in 3 hours in game
For all levels there is a functional - Shop, where there are units for any level.

2020-07-03   #210


I suggest that u change the world level to be calculated with only the top 10 players that will help other players to upgrade more quickly and make some activity as players can find some players near them in level and play instances and hof together 

kurtolsen server 103 

2020-07-04   #211

Reply to #210 @kurtolsen :

Thank you for your idea. We will definitely think about it.

2020-08-22   #212

  It has been brought up before here but can you guys see to it to lower the max buff a power can achieve? There is no longer a need to have powers that can achiever a 2000% buff. There is no reason a power should achieve more than a 300% buff anymore since there are so many high lvl players in the game. This should be an easy thing to adjust since the ww map is a different part of the game than the rest and the buff settings should be seperate from the rest of the game making it an easy adjustment of a few parameters without conflicting with other aspects of the game. This would solve the problem of players running alts on different servers and or powers to harm and entire block by keeping another power in a huge buff all the time. You guys would then not have to struggle with the problem of how to let players play and yet still enforce your rules.

2020-08-22   #213

Reply to #212 @josuapark :

We will try to do this in the next update, but I can not promise anything

2020-08-22   #214


2020-08-24   #215

Is there any way your techs could implement a lvl cap on HOF like you have implemented on the ww map and other parts of the game. There is still a huge problem with players using alts and twink accts in HOF to help themselves and other players which would be considered contractual agreements between two players and is against the rules. There really are not any new players coming into this game and to be honest if a player is not at least a lvl 170 to 180 he has no chance in HOF due to the number of high lvl players in the game now. There are way to many sub 100 lvl accs being used in HOF to help out players. If you implemented a starting lvl cap it would decrease the amount of cheating with alts going on in HOF and it may even increase some spending on players parts to start spending so that they could lvl up their alts to get back into HOF since some players just can't play this game without cheating.

2020-08-25   #216


 1- is it possible to introduce NPC troops to meet in hof cause we take so much time matching players  and make rating above average and on different levels lets say every 10 level we can meet npc troop team  

2- can u make matching berween players depend on their level  i.e  no matching happen unless players have 10 level difference (up or down ) to minimize using alts 

thank you . 

2020-08-25   #217

Reply to #216 @kurtolsen :

Regarding the HOF changes - I will repeat myself, I hope that we can change something, it still depends on whether we can make the changes, since it is not always possible to do what we want, that is, it does not work out technically.

The desired changes are as follows, I will not hide:
1. Set the limit level in the HOF
2. Run HOF-2 types
2.1. HOF will include members of all levels
2.1. HOF will include players up to a certain level

2020-08-31   #218

due to the way you have the rule set for resetting your win streak in HOF I suggest that a set number of wins has to be acheived before a player can reset his win streak and that he submits a pic of his HOF win streak so that it can be verified that he actually needed to reset his streak and was not just helping a friend or family member out in HOF. I would also like to suggest that win streak can not be reset within 24 to 48 hours of the end date of HOF. Usually the last 24 to 48 hours of HOF is dead and everybody is trying to save their spot in the rankings so resetting your win streak and giving someone a lot of points at the end of HOF is not fair to other players.

2020-08-31   #219

Reply to #218 @josuapark :

Thank you, we will consider your offer

2020-10-06   #220

Can you guys look into lowering the travel times between cities for us high lvl players. I just spent the last 7 hours stuck in one city because a player in axis is using an alt in soviets to run lvl 23 units at me constantly keeping me stuck in one city while he runs his axis acct around taking cities.. I have over a 15 minute travel time between cities which means unless I coin my units to another city I can't make it to the next city before he ties me up again in another battle.

2020-10-06   #221

Reply to #220 @josuapark :

We'll look at your idea in the next update.

2020-10-07   #222

can you put corrosion items in the flash sale all 3 types please.also can you remove the timers to these items.we need these items.

2020-10-07   #223

Reply to #222 @demolition :

In the next flash sale these items will be, regarding the timer, in the next update we will be able to increase the timer time.

2020-10-17   #224

Thanks for lowering the travel times. It helps a lot since now us higher lvl players can't constantly be trapped in cities by players running these low lvl alts around on the map

2020-10-29   #225

Could you exchange Dogtag-1&5&9 for Halloween Candy during this speaical Halloween Top Trade In event? 


2021-05-17   #226

Will you guys please consider putting a starting level cap on HOF. There are too many guys running their below 100 level accts in HOF helping other players and themselves gain an advantage in HOF. There are not as many players playing this game anymore and now guys are entering into contracts with each otherto fight their alts and then they use their mains to matchup with these other low level alts and gain a bunch of points in HOF and then they just sit and don't matchup anymore and the other players that are not abusing alts can't gain points because the few guys who are actually playing this game still are just sitting on their points hoping nobody gets past them before the end of HOF. If someone does manage to get past them they just work with their friends and all their alts to build up a big points lead again and then sit. This game has changed and lost a lot of players and personally I think you need to require players to just choose one acct that they will be using in HOF. There are only about 20 to 30 actual legit accts playing in my HOF bracket and the other 30 accts here are alt accts that players are abusing. One possible way of solving this is to make a forum page and require players to list one acct with its name and level that they will be using in HOF and that level should be no lower than level 160 since most people have been here for years and nobody really has a main that is not at least level 160 and everyone else is so high level. If you did this then any name and level limit that is not on the list can be banned. 

2021-05-17   #227

Reply to #226 @josuapark :

We will try to do this in the next update, we will try very hard.

2021-05-17   #228


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