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Share with us your ideas for improving the game, together we'll make our lovely game - even better.

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2019-07-03   #1

etkinlikler çoğalsın ve skril den ödeme yapma imaknı gelsin türkiye de paypal kapalı çünkü

2019-07-03   #2

Reply to #1 @crayzblue :

türkiye de, ancaq Skrill isliyo?

2019-07-03   #3

Hi. It would be good if you could buy vip in the game without paying. I am thinking of the vips available for purchase within the vip icon. For 30-90-180 days of vip. I think if someone collects enough gold in the game, you can get vip without a deposit. Or who doesn't have a bank account or just don't want to spend it. For example, children or those who have no earnings. It can't use these vips, which I think is unfair to the players. I would like to congratulate you on creating this forum and I hope it will be useful. Thanks all and good day :-)  

2019-07-03   #4

Reply to #3 @yozsi :

for such moments, we have VIP 2 in a flash sale, but thank you for your time.

2019-07-04   #5

Reply to #4 @admin :

Yeah, but it could be constantly vip in the flash sale. It was rarely the last time and it didn't take time for the next one. I hope it will be possible to use vip continuously in the flash sale. One more thought. I think it would be helpful if you could look at the length of the remaining vip time somewhere, because it is not known when the time will expire. Thank you very much.

2019-07-04   #6

Reply to #5 @yozsi :

Click on the VIP button in the left

A window will open with VIP. The expiration date of the VIP status is written in the uppermost row.

2019-07-05   #7

Reply to #6 @admin :


2019-07-11   #8

The skills that the world boss uses seem to be coming a lot more frequently now and sometimes it is almost impossible to do any fighting since it will keep using Jamming and nightmare one right after the other. Maybe the techs could take a look at the game code and adjust it so that the skills come less frequently or not trigger like they are 4 or 5 times in a row.

2019-07-11   #9

Reply to #8 @josuapark :

[The skills that the world boss uses seem to be coming a lot more frequently now]

- what do you mean by this, are you talking about boss skills from the chests used by players or boss skills that the boss uses more often than usual?

2019-07-13   #10


Make a place were u put your new units with atributes ,skills and what skill doin all levell troops i like know what im buying, and put only 1 day good to go wen used be at least 3 days i have more things to do then play the game dont have time to do 50 or more instance in 1 day-

u can put atributes or vichy garrison is in trade in now?


2019-07-13   #11

Reply to #10 @gerobond :


We are already working on it.

On Monday, a separate topic will appear on the forum with a description of units, unit skills and other data.

2019-07-13   #12

thank you

2019-07-17   #13

turn on the double drop, please. S136

2019-07-17   #14

Reply to #13 @maximus :

Thank you for your time.

Okey,sure to

2019-07-20   #15

why not put general interogation to flash sale?

2019-07-20   #16

Reply to #15 @romeomihai :


Share your ideas, for example, what exactly would you like to see on a flash sale or in top big trade

2019-07-27   #17

i have been playing for 5 years in various servers, i have several sugestions

  1. how about going back and allow us to spend gold bags,grenades etc instead of introducing the medal thing!

  2. bring back older units that we could  trade in so they can be improved  to upper levels

  3. how about an auction page so players can auction off units or upgrades for gold, and you take a cut.

  4. DO not give away any VIP, players should pay for it! otherwise whats the point and how will you make money.

  5. ease up on the campaigns, it seems that the scenerios were made to defeat players, i personally can be bothered anymore, and it dicouraging.

  6. get creative with new events

i hope you take the suggestions seriously, and best wishes for long and profitable relationship with us,your customers and your company

nebelung S73

2019-07-28   #18

Reply to #17 @nebelung :

Thank you for your activity and time spent.

We always take into account the opinions of users, it is important for us!

2019-07-28   #19

Reply to #8 @josuapark :

No. I mean the skills being used by the AI against players during the boss fight. I am a lvl 210 with a 555 million rating and I struggle to stay alive due to the amount of skills the AI is dropping

2019-07-28   #20

Well I have been fighting with you guys for almost 3 weeks now about the solomon wisdom skill not working most of the time on the ww map, and world boss fight. The solomon skill and the god one shot skill do  not work at all in power battle and it those two skills do not work when a player enters arena and colosseum and attack me. Those two skills are supposed to work in the first second and third rounds no matter what and they aren't so until you guys get things fixed I am not giving you guys anymore money. I have been fighting with you guys for over a year about the god one shot skill not working properly and you still have not fixed it. This is why your game is slowly dying because you won't or can't fix the bugs.

2019-07-29   #21

Reply to #21 @josuapark :

Dear, I already answered you this question.

Explain how your unit can apply the skill if the first round is occupied by the opponent's move?

You need to, despite the fact that your unit misses the turn, but let the skill work, how ?!

2019-07-29   #22

Reply to #19 @josuapark :

Constantly you use the skill of interference against AI
Should help

2019-08-03   #23


Info you put in units with skillls we can see in game what we need is something like this

2019-08-03   #24

Make festival event or something like that you dont do at many time doing always same


2019-08-03   #25

Reply to #23 @gerobond :

Ok, we will compile such a table.

2019-08-03   #26

Reply to #24 @gerobond :

Festival event will be launched next time

2019-08-03   #27


2019-08-03   #28

Reply to #27 @gerobond :

Have a nice game

2019-08-04   #29

festival event his a good idea

2019-08-14   #30

Hi Admin why not put Aura heavy tank and Soviet Guerrillas to trade in. tnx

2019-08-14   #31

Reply to #30 @romeomihai :

Ok,in the near future we will do it

2019-08-15   #32

Hi can we have a 5th city in Alliance war map and the rewards to be Honor points ?

2019-08-16   #33

Reply to #32 @kurtolsen :


I will clarify and answer you.

2019-08-16   #34


Next trade in would like u put Aura heavy tank and CDL25T


2019-08-16   #35

Reply to #34 @gerobond :

Ok,in the near future we will do it

2019-08-18   #36

put something to change ice fragment in trade in,could be ticket, campaignh chance


2019-08-18   #37

Reply to #36 @gerobond :

Sorry, but trade in is maximally full.

2019-08-19   #38

Can you let instance run on auto. So that the next instance can come up automatically.also In the next top trade in can you exchange ice fragments for tickets and camp chances
Server S17 Roma  demolition

2019-08-20   #39

Reply to #39 @demolition :
What do you mean when you write?? - Can you let instance run on auto.

Yes, in the next trade in we will do it

2019-08-20   #40

Reply to #39 @admin :

What I mean is can the instance be ran over and over again automatically or do I have to set it up each time

2019-08-20   #41

Reply to #40 @demolition :

Not, unfortunately, such a game mechanic is impossible

2019-08-23   #42

can you always wen u do updates make post with changes u did, and u dont put troops atribute in post u did for that


2019-08-23   #43

Reply to #42 @gerobond :

We will do it Have a nice game

2019-08-29   #44

Is there a page or description that shows all the units (tank, arty, infantry) that exist in the game, along with all its data and abilities? It would be nice to be able to compare the strengths and capabilities of the different units. It would be easier to decide which player to start developing / collecting.

2019-08-29   #45

Reply to #44 @yozsi :

Unfortunately, there is no such topic, because we have in game very-very much units,  impossible to work out so much data

2019-08-31   #46


in past use have 1 event were we use improvment files and guet some limit gold as reward can you do that again


2019-08-31   #47

Reply to #46 @gerobond :

What was the name of the event?

There is an event called "Joyful Improvement", to get rewards the condition for this event is that you need to improve the unit with coins or are you talking about the Golden Rating event - where you can get rewards for spending gold coins from a rating??

2019-08-31   #48

[Easter Event]Consume improvement files&get LT gold return

Thin this was last was in easter but was done more x , we had to use improvmet files and depend number improvmente files we use we send print of files before and after use and guet limit time gold as reward, dont remenber how many but was less in gold improvment and more in wsupreme improvments

2019-08-31   #49

Reply to #48 @gerobond :

Unfortunately, this event is festive, at the moment it is not available, but, I will try to access this event.

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