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2019-09-09   #50

the next top-trade-in we could get Zodiac Master general or Luo Zhuoying general. Maybe if they were units again i would like to FightLord Tank or Shiv Tank Destroyer unit. Thanks.

2019-09-09   #51

Reply to #50 @yozsi :

We will try to do it.

2019-09-27   #52



We need Reinforcement order for Campaign.


2019-09-27   #53

Reply to #52 @kudarat :

ohhh, ok

2019-10-02   #54



Hi! If we have Zodiac Sniper-185, please put in Top Trade-In. Thanks!

2019-10-02   #55

Sure wish you guys would do something about these guys that are either hacking or exploiting glitches in the game that allow them to find ways of getting extra silver and exp during the arms event and training event. It is not fair to the other guys that are not cheating. This has been brought to your attention by our NG so I know you guys are aware of a glitch or hack going on that is allowing guys to cheat.

2019-10-02   #56

Reply to #55 @josuapark :

Hi. There is no hacking, there is a trick with storing previously mined silver, which we will remove with the update.

2019-10-04   #57


still waiting answer about the availability of adding 5th city in Land rush with honor points as rewards.

2019-10-04   #58

Reply to #57 @kurtolsen :


We remember,the answer will be no earlier than the 8th

2019-10-04   #59

So if you guys know that there is a silver and exp glitch in the game and you know there are guys that have been using these glitches to gain an advantage over other players that are not cheating why don't you give the guys that are cheating a temporary ban for a a week or two to teach them it is not acceptable to exploit glitches and cheat.

2019-10-04   #60

I will suggest you about new way of doing exchange Top-Trade In event.

Effective Exchange from Ice Fragment to Substitute General series.

B    x   2   need  Ice    50

A    x   2   need  Ice   100

A+  x   2   need  Ice    150

(  B  +  A   )  x 2   need Ice   125

(  A  +  A+ )  x 2   need Ice   225

(  B  +  A+ )  x 2   need Ice   175

Please consider.

Thank you.

2019-10-04   #61

Reply to #60 @merttran :

Ice fragments cannot participate in this Trade-in format, only special items.Ice fragments in the trade-in are placed on one-time exchanges, at each launch of the event.

2019-10-04   #62

Reply to #59 @josuapark :

Players did not use glitches.

2019-10-04   #63



To Admin. I topped the previous Exp Event coz I sold my Shiv Tank-170 and Xmas Snow Chariot-170 and also i bought Exp from Flash Sales 50x. 50 x 10,000,000 =500,000,000 exps.


2019-10-04   #64

Reply to #63 @kudarat :

The rating takes into account only the purchased resource extracted from combat zones, etc., but not from sales from the warehouse.We't have questions for you, as in principle, to no one else.

Have a nice game.

2019-10-08   #65

Reply to #57 @kurtolsen :

Fifth city - perhaps it will be added in the future.

2019-10-09   #66

Reply to #65 @admin :

Thank You 

2019-10-09   #67


can you please sort the posts in the fourm in a way that the most rescent appear at the top of the first page not the bottom of last page as u do now thank you .
or let us do sorting of posts if it can be done thank you 

2019-10-09   #68

Reply to #67 @kurtolsen :

Unfortunately, this forum does not have such parameters = (

2019-10-23   #69

  I think you guys need to rethink what you have done to the balance of this game. All the players that are considered big spenders to mid spenders have been basically screwed over by your efforts to balance the game a little. All of us who have spent years playing this game and spending our money to help keep the game going did so because like in all internet games we had a distinct advantage over the guys who hardly spent or did not spend any money at all and now you have taken that away buy your efforts to balance the game as you call it. Now you got guys who spend 30 to 60 bucks every now and then to get a new trade in unit that is way overpowered and now these same guy with low ratings are blowing through campaigns with a 70 to 100% blessing that took me a 300 to 350% blessing to get through when I was that lvl and I had a 100 million bigger rating than the guys that are doing it now. It used to be that a player had to be within 50 to 100 million in rating of a big guy to have a chance at beating him anywhere in the game and now you got players with a 300 million rating beating guys with almost a 600 million rating. You have unbalanced the game even more than it already was. You also should consider putting a lvl cap on a players lvl before they can play in HOF. The guys on S9 are just ridiculous with the amount of alts they use to help each other out. There are a couple of guys that are lvl 190+ that all they do is fight a lvl 80 to 90 alt that somebody uses to help them stay ahead of other players. This is not how HOF was intended to be played. Maybe consider making a game rule that any acct that is lower than say a lvl 150 will automatically be banned for good if caught in HOF. I give that lvl only because if you are not at least lvl 150 you have no chance of getting any rewards in HOF unless all you do is fight someones alt.

2019-10-23   #70

Reply to #69 @josuapark :

The development of the game does not stand in one place, that is, before the game had limited opportunities, but now there are more opportunities to become stronger.
We theoretically cannot forbid someone to participate in the HOF, but we are already working on the rules, we will publish soon them.
We will try to make everything so that no one is offended and everyone is happy.

2019-10-27   #71

i want ask you to put general in flash sale in past we use find good generals there from D to S level like auchineck ,santa and all others, we use find substite of general we use to upgrade generals and please dont join fuse medals sometimes we need 3 A medal and 1 A+  u put 1 of each so will guet 3 each wen only need 1 A+ or at least put both options


2019-10-27   #72

Reply to #88 @gerobond :

We will try to come up with something (:

2019-10-27   #73

Reply to #90 @josuapark :

That is, do you propose lowering the DOD and TEN indicators on the CDL25T unit?
If so, then you should write about it right away, we would consider this issue.

2019-10-30   #75

  Since there is such a big alt problem in this game and nobody is abiding by the rules that were set forth 2 or 3 years ago by the techs about alts having to be in the same power as their main could you guys consider making a game rule that requires a players acct to be in an alc that is the same power as whichever power his acct is in. As in if a player is allied he has to be in alc that is allied as well. We got to many guys belonging to alcs in a different power and are using alts to gain kills so that they can get the ice fragments and also doing things like taking forts or resource cities to help out their main accts by killing the buff of the power that their alts are in so that they can move around easier.

2019-10-30   #76

EvanS122 Last Survivor

Admin is doing a great job with the game - thank you 

Could you please consider making the Dark Blue Assault Tank available in one of the future events?

Thank you

2019-10-30   #77

Reply to #76 @evans122 :


You are welcome, all for all players!

We will deal with this, as soon as we finish the events that await us in connection with Halloween (:

2019-10-30   #78

Reply to #75 @josuapark :


I already answered this message, we are working on the rules, they will be published soon.

2019-11-04   #79

Any chance of putting something in trade in for MR, or RP or honors. Not got much use for them now, dont even collect much RP now

2019-11-04   #80

Reply to #79 @coby2407 :


Trade In - at the maximum, that is, nothing can be added.

2019-11-19   #81

привет ! В игре есть функция списание едениц с голд техники . image.png

Можно ли туда добавить списание с ивент отрядов ! Было б полезно списывать опыт с не нужной ивент техны 

спасибо !) 

2019-11-19   #82

Reply to #81 @dimi :

Уточним это предложение. 

2019-11-21   #83


can u please introduce a translation tool in the chat of the game 

thank you 

Kurtolsen server 103 

2019-11-21   #84

Reply to #83 @kurtolsen :

That is, the automatic translation of messages from chat into other languages?

2019-11-21   #85

Reply to #84 @admin :

yes  as we see so many players from different countries not good in speaking common language so it will be easy to chat in own language and the other player just translate to his language   it is just and idea to ,make better communication bettween players 

thank you 

2019-11-22   #86

Reply to #85 @kurtolsen :

I will talk about this with experts and let you know.
U're welcome.

Have a good game

2019-11-23   #87

Hy there. I have a question and a suggestion. 

I would like to ask about Flash Sale. Does it have some sort of rotation, or is it totaly random? FE, i want to buy RPs on Flash Sale, but no such thing in the last time. Same goes for VIP trials. 

As for my suggestion, is there any way to expand Land Rush with one or two more cities? FE you can add Budapest and/or Moscow, for Honor, and/or GPs. More cities, more interested teams, not always the same boring thing, IYKWIM...

As for Kurtolsens idea with the translator, its brilliant, we deff need it!

Best regards

The Doctor S74

2019-11-23   #88

Reply to #87 @thedoctor :

Hi ))

1. Flash Sale - we can add RPs and VIP - we will do it.
2. I will clarify this with specialists

2019-11-23   #89

Reply to #88 @admin :

Well, good news, thank you for the swift response

2019-11-23   #90

Reply to #89 @thedoctor :

Have a good game 

2019-12-21   #91

hello admin if i sell my units gold you give my back 50% gold? i need to sell my shiv tank destroyer

2019-12-21   #92

Reply to #91 @romeomihai :

Hi, no, why? Is there such a thing in practice?

2019-12-21   #93

Reply to #92 @admin :

not. i ask if his works to sell units gold for 50% gold 

2019-12-21   #94

Reply to #93 @romeomihai :

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

2019-12-22   #95

hello admin i ask you his possible to next trade in event to put for exchange with dontag 9. much player have dontag 9 to storage. thx

2019-12-22   #96

Reply to #95 @romeomihai :


You must understand that Dogtag in the trade-in is compiled according to the battle zone, which is available.I don't promise, but we'll try to come up with something

2019-12-22   #97

Reply to #96 @admin :

thx for undestanding and have a good day


2019-12-22   #98

Reply to #97 @romeomihai :

Good day to you too

2019-12-24   #99

Great work on the new game rules. Only thing I would like you to consider adding to these rules would be the requirement that a players main acct and or alt acct must belong to an alc that is in the same power as their main acct or alt acct. This would help to cut down on guys coming to a different power to help out their team mates in a different power. Alot of servers have guys that have accts belonging to an alc in one power but have an acct in a different power that they use to take down the buff of that side to help out their team mates. I know the you have implemented the rules about mains and alts needing to be in the same power but since it is so hard for us players to figure out what alts belong to who it would help us and your techs to have this rule so that we are not constantly asking the techs to check an alt against other players till we get it right. With this rule in place a player would just need to provide a pic of the name and the alc that acct belongs to as well as a pic of the power it is in and your techs could warn or ban without having to check to see who the acct belongs to. Just something you may want to consider adding to the rules.

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