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2019-12-24   #100

Reply to #99 @josuapark :

We will be finalizing the system to combat alt-accounts.
Thank you for your activity and attention.

2019-12-25   #101

something the former administrators did was offer 100 percent gold extra for recharging a certain amt.like recharging 60 dollars and get additional 1200 gold as bonus.and so on.

2019-12-25   #102

Reply to #101 @demolition :

This is a bonus promotion, we are working on it

2019-12-29   #103

how can i delete general medals? i don't need this dirt which is c d medals.

2019-12-29   #104

Reply to #103 @adolf :

Officer medals? If so, they can be melted into medal points.

2020-01-21   #105

i unrstood that what i dont understood is diference in HOF , 1 can play and other no dont see any valid reason for that vantage can guive to main acc is same, if acc in server 122 dont match with 17 i could understand if match what is diference, so all people can have alt acc can use in ww were can guet vantage but cant use in hof were since dont match dont guive any vantage

2020-01-21   #106

Reply to #108 @gerobond :

In your case, your accounts are blocked due to: 
- Any use of the alt account in the HOF event will lead to the blocking of both accounts until the end of the HOF, as well as for repeated violations, a period of up to 10 days will be added to the blocking period.

Your task is to read the rules of the game and play according to the rules of the game.
Can I help you with something else?

P.S.If two or more accounts are in the same server group, then one account is considered the main acc, the rest are considered alt accounts, the rules are spelled out according to the situation that currently exists.

2020-01-21   #107

Reply to #106 @admin :

Your ps is not right, according to rules on what an alt account is

2020-01-21   #108

Reply to #107 @coby2407 :
Specially for you

What is alt account
— Alt is an additional account or player's character that is created before or after the main one, the purpose of which is to obtain an in-game advantage over other characters or their associations, in-game resources or other game benefits.(even if you log in to this account through another server, falling into the same group of combined servers with the main account, this account is considered an alt account.)

— Any use of the alt account in the HOF event will lead to the blocking of both accounts until the end of the HOF, as well as for repeated violations, a period of up to 10 days will be added to the blocking period.

2020-02-25   #109

Dear Admin,

I wonder is there any posibility that JTG create another topics to update info or features regarding the troop that offer. I think most of us know nothing about the troops.

This may more easy to us and tour side too. I hope so. Thx.

2020-02-25   #110

Reply to #109 @awesome :

We will soon publish such a topic.

2020-03-21   #111

Hello Admin please you can put to online pack signet 3 please

2020-03-21   #112

Reply to #111 @romeomihai :

We will try to do it.

2020-03-22   #113

You guys really should reconsider the use of twink accts in HOF and make it against the rules to use them. Not all servers are as active as other servers and when you have the players from very active servers using their twink accts to help players from their server with their twink alts to gain points in HOF it is not fair to the other players on dead servers who can't gain points because as soon as they show up in HOF to fight players that they have a chance at beating the big guys stop using their twink accts and come in with their mains and kill guys which in turn helps the guys on their server even more. HOF is about the strongest players in the game fighting for rewards not about guys working together to so that their friends or alc members get all the rewards. Right now you have one server controlling HOF because of this tactic.

2020-03-22   #114

Reply to #113 @josuapark :

Do you have specific complaints about twink accounts? and screenshots of these complaints? why are you writing this?

2020-03-22   #115

I am writing about this because I have brought it up in the previous 2 HOFs where certain big lvl players use their twinks to help out other guys on their own server and as soon as a player from another server jumps into HOF to try and catch a player he has a chance to beat the big lvl player and the player he was helping stops matching up and the big guy brings in his main to catch the guys lured in by him using his low lvl twink acct. You also have guys that can beat the player that they matched up with and then quit the fight to help them out with points. I will turn this into our NG and he can make the report and turn it into you for checking. Demolition s9 constantly uses his Wrecker twink acct to help the s9 players and then when other players from other servers show up in HOF he stops using his twink acct and brings in his main. As I said I will let the NG know and he can turn this in as well as higher lvl players quitting fights against lower lvl guys to help them out as well

2020-03-22   #116

Reply to #115 @josuapark :

OK, show me all this not in words, that is, I need materials proving your words, I promise to solve this problem if it exists

2020-03-22   #117





pic demo2 and demo3 show how the Demolition twink acct Wrecker was being used to help the s9 player En1sharvey. Pics demo and demo1 show how Demolition was using his Wrecker twink acct to help himself by matching up with another player and then coming in with his main acct to catch NiallTate. This is why I have been saying that all alt accts including twink accts should be banned from HOF

2020-03-22   #118

Reply to #117 @josuapark :

What I see in the screenshots: a game with a twink account without any violations, both its victory and defeat in addition, only in the last screenshot I see the Demo fight against NaillTate, if you take into account your words that the twink is for luring, then I do not see the battle against skin, pakalolo etc. in the same screenshot 2. The player participates in both the main and the twink account, which is not prohibited in the rules.

The following questions arise:
Why don't you write about battles against players from other servers? where does the twink account also have losses?
During participation in HOF you do not encounter a player from your server on the battlefield?

2020-03-22   #119

If you pay attention the twink acct was used to help En1harvey since Demolition never came into catch that him or the other players that were fighting at that time. I never said it was a violation to do that. What I am saying is that is not how HOF was supposed to be played. It was aimed at a every player for himself scenario to prove who was the better fighter. The twink acct was also used to boost the points that Demolition would gain when he caught NiallTate since NiallTate beat Demolitions Wrecker twink. Point is it shows that a twink acct can still be used to benefit your main acct and should be banned from HOF as all alts are. You preach fairness and balance in this game so with that in mind if several people are running twinks (which they are) and some of them are high lvl twinks those players are keeping other players from recieving rewards from HOF which is not fair. Everyone has ! true main acct and it is not fair that other players are being kept from rewards because players have multiple accts in HOF just because they are considered twink accts. Twink accts are still just alts

2020-03-22   #120

By the way Demolition is not going to quit the game if you ban twink accts in HOF as well.LOL

2020-03-22   #121

Reply to #120 @josuapark :

If you paid attention to the number of Demolition points, then you would understand that at least yesterday at HOF he could only fight against NaillTate, monster - players, since only they had the highest points.In general, I understand you, we will update the rules of the game for the next HOF

2020-03-27   #122

People stay at home coz covid19,would u give us more n more event trade in???

2020-03-27   #123

Reply to #122 @nathan :

trade-in ended 3 days ago, a new event will be launched soon.

2020-03-27   #124

(Easter Event)Consume improvement files&get LT gold return

Thin this was last was in easter but was done more x , we had to use improvmet files and depend number improvmente files we use we send print of files before and after use and guet limit time gold as reward, dont remenber how many but was less in gold improvment and more in supreme improvments i thinks all players need that

2020-03-27   #125

Reply to #124 @romeomihai :

I remember someone already wrote about this, alas, this event is no longer relevant.

2020-03-28   #126

Can you put signet to online pack please i ask that so much time please put. thanks

2020-03-28   #127

Reply to #126 @romeomihai :

Unfortunately this is not possible.

2020-03-28   #128

why his not possible? wath his stop you to put that? why

2020-03-28   #129

Reply to #128 @romeomihai :

After all, for the signet we made a whole functional in the form of the Bastion

2020-03-28   #130

that signet i asked you http://prntscr.com/ro93pq 

2020-03-28   #131

Reply to #130 @romeomihai :

ahhh, you are talking about these, why put them in an online package, if the online package is divided into levels, that is, the rewards change every 10 levels, and this is a big difference between the levels of players and the levels of signet that they could receive through the online pack

2020-04-04   #132

Hi Admin why ot put this Trade In Core-F to 199 gold recharge? if you put hier much players recharge. Thanks

2020-04-04   #133

Reply to #132 @romeomihai :

Hi this is the idea of events, for 199 there are other everyday rewards

2020-04-05   #134

Reply to #133 @admin :

i not did for now to next trade in if you put that to 199 gold recharge much players recharge for that . his a idea 

2020-04-05   #135

Reply to #134 @romeomihai :

Ok,thank you for idea

2020-04-07   #136

Can you leave Core-F in chest its in now, you need that much gold to get troop from trade in. Can you not put extra tickets in for Ice fragment maybe put instances or camp chances. Put more tickets in for gold it may stop people from cheating in ww to get ice fragments

2020-04-07   #137

Reply to #136 @coby2407 :

I agree with this

2020-04-08   #138

Reply to #136 @coby2407 :

I don’t quite understand what you mean?

2020-04-08   #139

Dont put Core-F in 199 chest leave it in 599 chest pls and in trade in dont put extra tickets for ice fragments , put more tickets to buy for gold. Put in camps or instances for ice fragments

2020-04-08   #140

Reply to #139 @coby2407 :

So we didn't set it in 199, we are open to all offers, because trade-in can have completely different conditions, but in general, I understand what you are writing about.Тhanks

2020-04-08   #141

Hello Admin. I have a idea. Why you not merge all servers? I thinks his a good idea now hier onli 5-6 players and 100 cickens. i thinks his good idea to merge all servers and put onli 1 acc to players to play

2020-04-09   #142

hi,could admin explain to me why there is the in game mechanic that allows for alliances being able to have players from any powers? This is confusing for me. Does this not in turn create conficts of intrest and a become a large problem for cheating? (setting cities up for friends in other powers (or even alt accts) in ww) Thanks for your time in reply.

2020-04-09   #143

(the implied suggestion is can this mechanic be stopped please)

2020-04-09   #144

Reply to #141 @romeomihai :

Technically impossible, and there are different time zones on the servers

2020-04-09   #145

Reply to #142 @nikolai :

You mean that one alliance can have players from different blocks / sides?

2020-04-09   #146

hi, i mean im in an alliance with mixed players of powers. allied axis and soviet. there are many other alliances on server S137GB that have same. It really does little to pro,ote competition and alas has allowed for some rule breaking and fowl play. a common gripe amongst they players tbh, a game breaking fault.

2020-04-09   #147

Reply to #146 @nikolai :

We will try to understand this situation and fix everything.

2020-04-09   #148

Thank you for your time and help. I really hope that the devs are able to sort this issue for us, i believe its critical to creating fairness and healthy competition in the game. ciao.

2020-04-09   #149

Reply to #148 @nikolai :

Have a good game

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