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Dear user!

In the current topic, you can at any time timely report problems that may arise on your game server.

The message should look like this:

1. Your nickname

2. Your server

3. Detailed description of the problem, it is also desirable to add screenshot/video of the problem.

Please, refrain from third-party messages!

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2019-07-03   #1

BakrWare serverS-131 Bytom the game does not load 70% and the end.

2019-07-03   #2

Reply to #1 @bakrware :

Сheck again,please

2019-07-11   #3

The solomon wisdom skill does not trigger on my  Bayon Assault tank on the World map and when fighting the World Boss. The skill will only trigger once in a campaign. The solomon skill will only trigger in Arena and colosseum if I am the one that is attacking someone. If another player is in colosseum or arena and they attack me the skill solomon skill does not work and neither does the god one shot skill on my apocalypse arty. The god one shot skill will only trigger one time in a campaign as well. When I first bought this unit almost a year ago the skill would trigger 3 to 4 times in a campaign and it would trigger in arena and colosseum no matter whether I was attacking someone or someone was playing in those 2 events and attacking me.

2019-07-11   #4

Reply to #3 @josuapark :

You have to understand that Solomon, that the Apocalypse has a chance to activate the skill, you just need to improve this chance, there is also a moment when the skill can work in the 0th round, but you have the first move from the opponent, so the second time the skill works at least for 3-4 rounds and therefore it seems to you that the skill does not work.

In general, all the skills of special units in working order and without errors.

2019-07-16   #5

Panzerass server 138-Russion game loading stops at 70%

2019-07-16   #6

Reply to #5 @panzerass :


2019-07-16   #7

Reply to #5 @panzerass :

Try again,please

2019-07-16   #8

Reply to #7 @admin :

its working. thx for fast response

2019-07-16   #9

Reply to #8 @panzerass :

Have a nice game

2019-07-23   #10

red birlikleri çalışmıyorr

2019-07-23   #11

Reply to #10 @crayzblue :

Tam olarak ne çalışmıyo? screeshotla gösterebilir misiniz?

2019-07-23   #12


2019-07-24   #13

Reply to #12 @crayzblue :

Yani doğru,beceri sabit,savaş başladıktan sonra tetiklenir ... ve ekran görüntüsünde savaş henüz başlamadı

2019-07-24   #14

Reply to #4 @admin : Obviously you do not understand what I am saying or your own game. When I bought the apocalypse arty the god one shot skill would work whether I was the one in arena or colosseum attacking and would work in power battle as well. Now the god one shot skill only activates if I am the one that entered arena or colosseum and attacked someone and it does not work at all in power battle.If another player enters arena or colosseum and attacks me none of the special skills on my units work including on the apocalypse arty. In the description it states that the god one shot skill activates at the end of the first round. Nowhere in the description does it say that it only activates if I am the one doing the attacking. This problem only started when gamebox adjusted the trigger rate in campaigns and I have been fighting with them for almost a year to put my unit back to the way it was. I spent over a thousand dollars on that unit and it should work the way it did when I bought it. Same thing with my lvl 210 bayon assault tank. It triggers in the first round every time I enter arena or colosseum and fight someone and it does not work at all in power battle. It also does not work when another player enters arena or colosseum and attacks me. My special skill units should work whether I am attacking or being attacked period.

2019-07-24   #15

Reply to #14 @josuapark :

1. Please try to understand, your skill can not be activated in any way, if your opponent finished 1 round, that is, he made a move in the first round .. If you rest on the description of the skill, the skill works at the end of the first round, and your first round is occupied by the move the adversary.

2. Our experts will check again and again. Please wait.

2019-08-08   #16

Добрый день, Вас беспокоит игрок с русского сервера S15 1mayor1. Подскажите, при входе в игру модератор с ником Монарх с моего аккаунта продал 3 единицы техники и 4 генерала, вопрос: насколько это правомерно, если да, то какой пункт пользовательский соглашений это предусматривает?                                                                     


2019-08-08   #17

Reply to #16 @1mayor1 :

Было принято решение о том, что аккаунты, которые приобрели топовые единицы на 101хр, будут пересмотрены после переноса прогресса.
С ваша аккаунта не были проданы, а были удалены топовые офицеры класса SS / S+ / S , также единицы, которые были преобретены за полученные от несогласованных 50 000 монет. ( с учетом вашего уровня членства)
Мы оставляем за собой право вносить изменения на аккаунты, которые мы активировали после закрытия проекта на 101хр, а также на аккаунты, которые мы перенесли на свою платформу.

Модератор не имеет никаких функций, кроме статуса Модератор!

Для дальнейших обсуждений вашего вопроса пишите на :

2019-08-10   #18

Reply to #3 @josuapark :

Skills are not working as they should. I just fought the world boss and the solomon wisdom skill never triggered in the 10 minutes I was in fighting the boss. You guys don't have a clue as to what is going on with your own game. If I have to refresh right before the world boss fight starts the solomon wisdom skill never works and if I have been on for awhile then it will only work sometimes.

2019-08-10   #19

  There is a bug with the CDL25T unit. I have repeatedly told you guys this. This unit has very low DOD and yet when you fight a CDL25T unit that has decent equips and a good general on it, it is better than a lvl 210 oracle that has 182% DOD. The CDL25T unit at best has around 100% DOD and yet it seems as if it is closer to 200%. I should be killing these units easier than I kill oracles and that is not what is happening.

2019-08-10   #20

Reply to #19 @josuapark :

In the next updates, we will try to check and fix everything.

2019-08-10   #21

your recharge is not working ,paypal screen pops up, then closes. whats up?

2019-08-11   #22

why cant i recharge.paypal screen pops up then closes.what is wrong.s17 roma demolition

2019-08-11   #23

Reply to #22 @demolition :

Specialists notified. Technical error by Paypal, in the near future - the error will be fixed

2019-08-11   #24

Reply to #22 @demolition :

Specialists notified. Technical error by Paypal, in the near future - the error will be fixed

2019-08-11   #25

Ok I will wait till the next update to see what gets fixed with unit skills and what doesn't. When I first bought my apocalypse arty over a year ago. It would work whether I had the first move or the opposing player moved first. The god one shot skill would trigger 2 or 3 times during a campaign and when gamebox techs realised how easy this made campaigns for the players that had this unit they changed the percentages and in doing so they made it so that skill only triggered once during a campaign and did not work at all if I did not have the first move. It also stopped working in power battle when I had the first move then they fixed it and several months ago it stopped working in power battle again. The god one shot skill and the solomon skill does not work in power battle even when I have the first move. These skills do not work in HOF either because supposedly HOF has been around since the start of the game they claim they can't incorporate the skills into HOF without messing up the whole game. Power battle has been around since the start or nearly the start yet the techs could make the skills work there. The players who buy these units do so because when they work it makes a player very hard to beat and the units are really useless without those special skills so when HOF comes around we get beat by lower lvl guys because our units do not work properly and nothing seems to be getting done about it. Oh and once again I had to refresh right before the world boss fight tonight and guess what. The solomon wisdom skill did not trigger one time the whole time I was fighting the boss. That always happens if I have to refresh before the boss fight

2019-08-14   #26

there may be a bug in the game for me.i just went to hq230.i upgraded my units to 230 but instead of going to 230 from 229 my units go from 229 to 232.even though my combat center is 230.also there is a bug in instance 230 sweeping party.i failed to win this instance 5 times when my units were at 229.but when i went to 232 with these units i won every time.and i dont think these enemy units should be at 235 level.if you want to log in my account you can .but let me know 1st b4 you log in my acct please.S17 Roma.Demolition.

2019-08-14   #27

Reply to #26 @demolition :

The answer is given in another topic.

Please do not duplicate the message on all forum topics.

2019-08-17   #28

hi admin i have a problem my game his desconected and i lose 100 Dogtag 9 why? please check that romeo supper s43

2019-08-17   #29

Reply to #28 @romeomihai :

Hello. We will check and let you know the result

2019-08-18   #30

Reply to #29 @admin :

what ? whats his result ? not did his not realy 

2019-08-18   #31

Reply to #30 @romeomihai :

We checked your account logs for items Dogtag 9 :

2019/08/15 - you had 28 Dogtag 9

2019/08/16 - you had 28 Dogtag 9

2019/08/17 - you had 28 Dogtag 9

When did you have 100 Dogtag 9?

2019-08-18   #32

Reply to #30 @romeomihai :

 my acc his desconected and i lose all my Dogtag 9. and i have 2 check today. why you did his nothing. 30 min i make 25 inst and after my acc his desconected and i lose all my Dogtag 9 . but my not important player and for you his not a problem. thx for you coperation

2019-08-18   #33

Reply to #32 @romeomihai :

Dear, you came to us with a complaint, I checked your complaint from the 15th, I wrote you the number of Dogtag that you had, the following question arises, when did you have 100 Dogtags.Give me information to help you.

2019-08-18   #34

i buy 4 time inst      and i buy ticket checked that
and ask all players i have 2 check today

2019-08-18   #35

Reply to #34 @romeomihai :

Dear player

for 2019/08/17 you have collected only 226 Dogtag
of wich you spent 220 Dogtag

2019-08-17 17:18 you spent 60 Dogtag

2019-08-17 17:42 you spent 50 Dogtag

2019-08-17 19:34 you spent 60 Dogtag

2019-08-17 20:19 you spent 50 Dogtag

I don't watch any losses on your account!

2019-08-18   #36

Please stop desconect my acc. you stop that and never problems. what you ceck to my acc for desconect my?

last day you desconect my 2 time but you did i not lose nothing; Wath you ceck to my acc?

2019-08-18   #37

Reply to #36 @romeomihai :

Dear, we don’t touch your account, why do we need it?Try to check your internet connection, browser, plugins

2019-08-18   #38   . watch admin 1 more time today my acc his deconected

2019-08-18   #39

Reply to #38 @romeomihai :

We will check your account tomorrow

2019-08-19   #40

Facebookdan tel nosu ile actigim 05442204139 NO ile aslan 05313826595 no İLE GS hesaplarim var server 137 BU hesaplarimi nasil geri alabilirim 

2019-08-19   #41

Reply to #40 @aslankral :

Oyunda yalnızca takma isminizi belirtmelisiniz, hesaplarınızın cep telefonu numaralarınızla ne olduğunu bilemeyiz.

2019-08-19   #42



2019-08-19   #43

Reply to #42 @aslankral :

Büyük harflerle yazmayın.
Bu hesaplar için oyun ilerlemesini aktarmak için benzersiz bir kod aldınız mı?Kodu almadıysanız, bana kullanmadığınız iki yeni posta adresini yazın, size yardımcı olmaya çalışacağım.

2019-08-19   #44

Hi admin you check my account today?

2019-08-19   #45

Reply to #44 @romeomihai :

Dear, your account has been verified, read the answer above.

2019-08-19   #46

thx you are the best...

2019-08-20   #47

Reply to #46 @romeomihai :

Have a nice game

2019-08-20   #48

her 2 hesap icinde kod almadım  bu hesaplar icin yeni mail hesabımı acmamı istiyorsunuz yanlış anlamadıysam

2019-08-20   #49

ASLAN  s 137  ve GS s137 icin 2 tane  mail adresimi istiyorsunuz benden

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