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2019-08-20   #50

Evet, yeni mail hasib 2 tane.

#48 @aslankral :

her 2 hesap icinde kod almadım  bu hesaplar icin yeni mail hesabımı acmamı istiyorsunuz yanlış anlamadıysam

2019-08-20   #51

admin ASLAN s 137 hesabım icin yeni   mail hesabım  savasaslan1969@gmail.com

2019-08-20   #52

admin  GS  s137 hesabım icin yeni mail hesabım   gssavas1969@gmail.com

2019-08-20   #53

Reply to #52 @aslankral :

iyi,gün boyunca sana yardım etmeye çalışacağım.

2019-08-20   #54

Reply to #52 @aslankral :

Sana forumda özel mesaj gönderdim, orada hesaplarınız için kullanıcı adı ve şifreyi bulacaksınız.

İyi oyunlar.

2019-08-21   #55

mesajı hangi hesaba veya nereye yolladınız bulamıyorum

2019-08-21   #56

özel neresi...............

2019-08-21   #57

Reply to #56 @aslankral :

Forum->user panel -> Inbox

2019-08-21   #58

Reply to #53 @admin :

2019-08-21   #59

Reply to #58 @aslan137 :


2019-08-22   #60

Reply to #56 @aslankral :

2019-08-23   #61

Reply to #59 @admin :

I have a problem with the main veiwing screen. There is a Red Question mark flashing above my city seige building. I can not find a way to remove it. It has no business and serves no porpose!! Please remove it! It flashes every time I use my account. It is totally annoying!! Thank you. LkanStuart S137.

2019-08-23   #62

PS: Also please quit recommending friends to me! If I want friends I will find them myself! LkanStuart #137

2019-08-23   #63

Reply to #61 @envergreen :

  1. Provide a screenshot of this sign
  2. It is enough to choose to refuse all and the system will no longer give you recommendations
2019-08-24   #64

Reply to #63 @admin :


At least fix this one. Please. LkanStuart s137

2019-08-24   #65

Good grief is this game ever going to get fixed? Once again the solomon skill stopped working in the world boss fights and is still not working in power battle. I even cleared the cache which has worked in the past sometimes but is not working anymore. Freaking pointless to have the bayon assault tank when its special ability only works every now and then. World boss has been stuck on the Hell Lord boss ever since you guys did the merger and the Hell Lord boss is the hardest boss to fight. Your techs should make and acct and try fighting these bosses and maybe think of making a few tweaks because the bosses are just stupid hard now compared to what they used to be.

2019-08-24   #66

Reply to #65 @josuapark :

You want to say that the problem is still relevant? The world boss will become stronger as soon as the average world level changes.

2019-08-25   #67

I reloaded vip 3 and received nothing AlenGentry s14


2019-08-25   #68

Reply to #2 @admin : I reloaded vip 3 and received nothing AlenGentry s14


2019-08-25   #69

Reply to #68 @alengentry :

Hi, I will check your problem, when you activated vip3?

2019-08-25   #70

Reply to #68 @alengentry :

Your logs have no records about the activation of VIP status, when did you activate VIP status? You made a reload on the 20th, the VIP status will end at 2019-08-27 02:33

2019-08-28   #71



what this? 



2019-08-28   #72

Not happy with what in happening in hof 

with rule braking by some 

and keep getting reset back and losing my match ups in Hof

please can you tell me why this is happening please



2019-08-28   #73

Reply to #72 @chris :

What exactly is wrong?

2019-08-28   #74

Reply to #73 @admin :

hi was in hof this morning got hit in putting me up to 608 points

then had a disconected from server error come up rebooted

half hour later was back down to 602

this has happened more that once now

please can you sort out any error thats doing this please

2019-08-28   #75

Reply to #74 @chris :

got some players matching accounts that are same apart from one number added as well

i am on server 124 (chris)

players name is  AloiAlex  other account AloiAlex2

2019-08-28   #76

Reply to #74 @chris :

There were no server reboots on our part.

1. Check your internet connection.

2. Perhaps you lost, so the points were removed.

2019-08-28   #77

Reply to #75 @chris :

where added  - to the server or are they participating in the HOF against each other?What is the problem ?
Topic only for errors

2019-08-28   #78

Reply to #73 @admin :

there is noprobem with internel conection buddy  the points were there for a while after reconecting only vanished just before sent message

and being he was level 64 i think  me being level 210 that would not be i won battle

and point went over half an hour afther the fight and i had 10 chances again

2019-08-28   #79

Reply to #77 @admin :

topic says   problems  and errors this is a problem if they not playing by rules of event ??

matching each other  10 times  yesterday and today yes they are matching each other

2019-08-28   #80

Reply to #79 @chris :

This is not a problem, but a violation,

everyone got a warning ..

If there are repeated violations inform.

2019-08-28   #81

Reply to #80 @admin :

thank you for replie

have a good day there

2019-08-29   #82

Reply to #81 @chris :

Have a nice game

2019-08-29   #83

Reply to #82 @admin :

hi buddy same guy at it again 12:53 server time  ZloiAlex  matching ZloiAlex2

had first letter wrong on last message  from server 138



2019-08-29   #84

Reply to #83 @chris :

ZloiAlex / ZloiAlex2 - banned

Have a nice game!

2019-08-29   #85

Reply to #84 @admin :

hope this will stop anyone else from

doing this now



2019-08-29   #86

Reply to #85 @chris :

From now on, about HOF write here -> http://forum.jtggame.com/t/15

2019-08-29   #87

we have used the link just nothing happening ZloiAlex is still playing game even afther you banned him ???



2019-08-30   #88

Reply to #87 @chris :

No, ZloiAlex account is blocked

2019-08-30   #89
what ? http://prntscr.com/oz941n

2019-08-30   #90

Reply to #89 @tomas :

I issued a repeated ban

2019-08-30   #91

Reply to #89 @tomas :

From now on, about HOF write here -> http://forum.jtggame.com/t/15

2019-08-30   #92

panzerass 138-Russion

game stops loading at 70%

2019-08-30   #93

Reply to #92 @panzerass :

We warned the server that technical work would begin.

Now everything should work.

2019-08-31   #94

Reply to #93 @admin :

sorry. didnt get it. my fault

2019-08-31   #95

Reply to #94 @panzerass :

Have a nice game.

2019-08-31   #96

Why are my units so weak in HOF? I have a 557 mil rating and I am getting destroyed by players with ratings that are not even 400 million. I beat guys on my server that have 575 million rating to 630 million rating with no problem but as soon as I go into HOF my units seem to lose all their power and seem to have no stamina and dod. Pretty bad when my units are getting killed with one shot by players that are not even using gold units and are only using lvl 185 event units.

2019-08-31   #97

Reply to #96 @josuapark :

In HOF - no problems with units.

Check the Internet connection, the version of the browser, because by all appearances you have the battlefield later loaded than the opponent, which gives an advantage to your opponent, therefore you lose, and as for the rating, this is a matter of chance.

2019-09-01   #98

Reply to #96 @josuapark :

I personally tested your unit for work skill

So :

1. Your unit skill - Solomon's wisdom  - works with 25% chance

2. The skill works perfectly, checked in all locations.

3. Here are the screenshots, see:

Screenshots made at different times,I do not understand what is your problem .

2019-09-01   #99

It would be nice if I had control of my own units when I fight in HOF. I have had two fights in HOF so far today and each time someone else was controlling my acct or appeared to be. The first fight I had no control over and someone else was moving my units and then just let my units sit there and get killed by someone I should have been able to beat. The next fight I had to put my acct on auto because someone or somehow the end round button was being pushed on my acct and was not giving me time to even move my units. This game is getting worse and worse with all the bugs and hackers in this game

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