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2020-04-21   #350

win streak is at 597

2020-04-21   #351

I know you guys don't think the NPC get stronger in campaigns as you increase your blessing but I am telling you that they do. I just did a campaign and started with a 280% blessing. I was down to the last NPC which had half its life left and I ran out of rounds. I increased my blessing to 300% and then could not even get half way through the NPC before rounds ran out. I ended up having to go to 332% blessing to beat that campaing and I was on the last round with one last shot left and managed to beat it. I tried multiple times to beat it as I was increasing my blessing and it just kept getting harder and harder to kill the npc. I should have been able to beat that campaign with a 300 to 310 blessing if I almost did it with a 280% blessing. Something seems to happen in campaigns everytime I hit 300% blessing or more. The NPC change. This is not the first time this has happened either.

2020-04-21   #352

has the good to go buff been disabled? i ask as suddenly today i log in and start doing the instances for easter event and the drop rates have fallen. If this is intended then so be it, but i invested a good portion of my gold into this event based on the buffs rewards that were being dropped. i stand to have again wasted a relatively large amount of my gold reserves. please advise

2020-04-21   #353

Reply to #352 @nikolai :

The Go to go event is over, and with VIP status, you will always have 2 items from the instances.

2020-04-21   #354

ok perhaps i have misread the start finish dates. but im pretty sure it stated that it would run untill 24.4.20.

2020-04-21   #355

ps i had carefully calculated all my expendatures and times for the event of easter lol

2020-04-22   #356

Reply to #354 @nikolai :

No, the event on the first day runs a maximum of 2/3 days no more, so expect that the event will be launched again soon

2020-04-23   #357

I see once I have facts to back up my claim about the npc or campaigns getting harder once you increase your blessing to and past a certain lvl nobody wants to argue with me and tell me that I don't know what I am talking about.LOL

2020-04-23   #358

Reply to #357 @josuapark :

On this occasion,I personally answered you. I no see reason to repeat the same thing several times. My answer is confirmed by the players who overtook you at the level.

2020-04-28   #359

Hi, game stop loading at 70% for almost 24hrs. I cleared cashe,history etc. but still not loading


server - 134-Maus

2020-04-28   #360

Reply to #359 @np1888 :

lsfc1914.S124  - the player is blocked according to paragraph 5

In order to access:

you must agree to change the side of lsfc1914.s134 to the side of LSFC1914.S55

2020-04-28   #361

  You may have answered with lies. I am tired of you guys lying to us players. I was on the last NPC (with a 280% blessing) in that campaign I did and it only had half its health left when I ran out of rounds. I increased my blessing to 300% and then could not even kill half the NPC in the campaign before rounds ran out. A 20% increase in my blessing should have been plenty to have finished off that campaign if I almost completed it at 280%. I ended up having to go to a 332% blessing and even then I was down to my last round and last shot before I beat that campaign. Maybe you would care to explain to me why I had to increase my blessing so much just to clear that campaign and why as I kept increasing my blessing the npc kept getting harder and harder to kill. According you guys npc don't get stronger as a player increases their blessing but as I have clearly stated to you they do. This is not the first time that this has happened. I keep telling you guys that something happens to the NPC when I have to hit a 300% or higher blessing. I should have only needed a 300% blessing to clear  that campaign if I almost did it at 280%. You don't want to respond with a proper answer because you know that I am correct that the npc do infact get harder as the blessing goes up. Now this may not be what you originally designed this game to do but it is what is happening now. There is no other explanation as to why at 280% I was down to the last npc and at 300% blessing I could not even kill half the NPC and why after a 50% increase to 332% I still almost did not beat it.

2020-04-28   #362

Reply to #360 @admin :

I can change side but:

  1. I`m not the one who merged servers. Because of server merge my two players are in different powers. After server merge I do not receive visa as compensation for servers merge. When server is merged is normal to send me a visa as compensation and give me a chance to switch to another power. Now, becase of server merge, I have to spend Honor points, but it is not my fault that two players are in two different powers.

  2. Most important is that haveing two ore more players in one and the same power that will give me a huge advance in WW map. With two players I will be able to attack/defend with more troops. I will be able to use up to 30 troops, instead 15 and use 2x skills every 30 sec, instead 1 skill every 30 sec. It will become worst if I have 3, 4 or more players in one and the same power - I will be able to use 3x, 4x troops/skills in WW.

    That`s why I do not change power, and that`s why I do think that this rule do not prevent having advance in WW, but instead - give a player an advance.

    So, unblock player, I will change power, but I`m not sure that someone will be happy with that rule 

2020-04-28   #363

Reply to #361 @josuapark :

Not every campaign is the same just because you nearly finished it at 280% does mean the same thing is going to happen again . Skills from npc might be different and troops might move differently. It might take another 10 campaigns to get the same 1 you nearly finished at 280% again. 

2020-04-28   #364

Reply to #362 @np1888 :

Your account is unlocked, you have 1 hour to change the side / block

2020-04-28   #365

Reply to #364 @admin :

Thank you, and have a nice day 

2020-05-03   #366

1. Your nickname : LulorBoyd

2. Your server  :  SERVER S138

3. I see you give to ass 3888 gold if we make our 1st RECHARGE

I dont receve that gold 

I make my 1st RECHARGE


2020-05-03   #367

Reply to #366 @lulorboyd :


You apparently do not understand correctly, you get items worth 3888 golds

at the bottom of this window is a list of items

2020-05-06   #368

  About a month ago I wrote to you about some players exploiting a glitch in the game where they can make the AI drop a skill in every round when you fight them. The tech that responded informed me that there was a way that a player could use certain skills and arrange them in a certain order to increase the chances of the AI dropping skills for you but told me that it would not work everytime. Well I am telling you that the players that I fight where EVERYTIME I fight them the AI will drop skills for them in every round or every other round are not using all the skills you listed as the skills needed to use to increase the chances of the AI helping a player. It appears that the skill glitch is back in the game where the AI can be tricked into over using skills. Yes I am well aware that this glitch has been in the game before and was fixed but appears to be back or some players are running a script to get the AI to do what it is doing.

2020-05-07   #369

Reply to #368 @josuapark :

I already answered you about this, we spent about 15 battles and AI applied skills no more than in three / four battles 1 time.
And yes, forget about things like:
1. additional software
2. scripts
In our game, no scripts work.

We will re-check this.

2020-05-07   #370

there are 3 players I consistently fight on s55 and everytime I fight those players the AI will drop a skill in almost every round when it is their turn until I am dead or I manage to win. Now you told me that this would only happen every now and then and that is not what is happening now. It is everytime I fight I fight these players. Also the skills that they have in their lineup are not all the same skills your tech showed us players to use to make the AI increase the chances of using skills. I just find it strange that this is something that only happens with certain players accts and other guys I fight the AI almost never uses a skill to help that player or if and when it does it will only drop one skill during a fight. Seems to me if the AI can't be manipulated then everyones accts should be acting relatively the same way and again that is not what is happening. Got a couple players on s21 that this happens with as well though it does not happen as often as with my acct on s55. I am just passing on what is going on. 

2020-05-07   #371

Reply to #370 @josuapark :

I understood you

2020-05-18   #372


s137 Britain

After my troops died at the time in my warehouse, I would like you to review the paper appears instead of 0

2020-05-18   #373

Reply to #372 @leifbrock :

That is, to display the number of reinforcements during the battle?

2020-05-18   #374

Reinforcement older pack 30 adet ama ben seferde birlik ölünce bunlar sıfır (0) gösteriyor

2020-05-18   #375

Reply to #374 @leifbrock :

göstererken amma reinforcement çalışıyor?

2020-05-18   #376

ekran resmi atayım....

2020-05-18   #377

Reply to #376 @leifbrock :

Bu gerekli değil, ne demek istediğini anlıyorum.
Bakalım düzeltebilir miyiz.

2020-05-20   #378



S137 Britain

Since yesterday the game load until 70%, then it stops.


2020-05-20   #379

Reply to #378 @higks :

You changed the faction and immediately captured all the factories for the faction to intentionally reduce the buff and bonuses of this faction. Intentional damage to the faction, violation of paragraph 5 of the rules of the game

2020-05-20   #380


i changed from axis to allies ( like some other player ) because the axis had no change against the high level allies player in world war ....look at the map, it is allways blue.

I started with birthplace at allies base ( the battleship ), in the next days i changed my birthplace. Whats wrong ???

2020-05-20   #381

Reply to #380 @higks :

You captured all the factories for the union, with this action you intentionally reduced the bonus and buff for the entire fraction.

And you did this not one day, but constantly. You were approached by the leader of the fraction, advisers to the fraction, but you continued to deliberately capture more and more cities and factories in order to reduce the bonuses and buffs of the fraction union.

After your ban drops, you can play (2020-05-21 00:19:27), but if you intentionally harm the whole fraction again, the ban time will be increased to 300 hours.

To avoid additional questions, read the Rules of the Game (http://forum.jtggame.com/t/25)

2020-05-20   #382

The Players with Level 250....260 put his troops around axis birthplace so that we had no chance to escape.... do you think that is fair ????

What is that change where i have my troops, the map is BLUE !!!

I changed my troops from Tradecenter to Oil Plat ... i move them.

2020-05-20   #383

Reply to #382 @higks :

The Players with Level 250....260 put his troops around axis birthplace so that we had no chance to escape.... do you think that is fair ????

Nobody holds your hand, play, become the 250 level, but the rules of the game will not allow damage to the whole whole fraction!

It doesn't matter which fraction! Before the rules of the game, all fractions, players and their actions are equal!

your actions cause damage to all players in this faction; your actions benefit the other faction. (direct violation of paragraph 5)

In future: if the violation continues, then the ban time will increase.

2020-05-22   #384


S-137 Britian 

Seferlerde birlik yenimele kağıdım görünmüyor....

Depomada bakabilirsiniz düzeltilmesini rica ederim...

Acil olursa sevinirim

2020-05-22   #385

Reply to #384 @leifbrock :

Bunu çözmek hemen imkansızdır
şimdilik savaşa girmeden önce depodaki kullanılabilir birlik yenileme sayısına bakın,ve savaşa katılın

2020-05-26   #386

There seem to be an error with dogtag.  In instance show dogtag-II but in Trade-in show dogtag-I. Please double check or is this is normal?

2020-05-26   #387

Reply to #386 @dak2020 :


Please check again

2020-05-28   #388


s 137 Britain

Reinforcemen sefer birlik yenileme çalışmıyor....

Acil bakmanızı rıca ederim

2020-05-28   #389

Reply to #389 @leifbrock :

Yani sorun, onları paketler halinde tutmanız (reinforcement order pack)
bu yüzden çalışmıyorlar, sizin için paketlerden birini açtım ve şimdi reinforcement çalışacağı 20 orderiniz var

sonucu kontrol edip bana söylemeniz lazim

2020-05-28   #390

s21 will not load past 70%

2020-05-28   #391

Reply to #390 @josuapark :

Is the problem relevant?

2020-05-28   #392

SamBryan.s136 что случилось  с БО?

2020-05-28   #393

Reply to #392 @makc :

Обновите страницу с игрой, была быстрая перезагрузка

2020-05-29   #394

 s21 loads fully now. I did not know you guys were restarting servers.

2020-05-29   #395

hurst S67 I had two Core-G in storage and when I went to top trade in for the Red Destroyer today. They were gone 5-28-20

2020-05-29   #396

Reply to #395 @hurst :

When did you receive them? Core-G has a 48 hour rollback time.

2020-05-29   #397

OH didn't know that, was using the unit in battles to level Headquaters up to 184. Before I upgraded it to the185.

Thanks for info.

2020-05-29   #398

Reply to #397 @hurst :

Due to the fact that this item has a rollback time, we use it every day in Accumulated Recharge

2020-05-29   #399

Can guys check the acct of NihatHaynes s2? For some reason every one of his units seems to always have crit damaged activated all the time. All his units do more damage than what his atk and crit stats add up to which in mind only means that his units are constantly in CDMG% mode for some reason. I made an acct on his server just to check to see if he had some sort of special gen or equip reform that would be causing this but he has nothing special so that only leaves a bug of some sort with that acct. Who knows maybe I am missing something but nobody else I ever fight has units that constantly do more damage than their atk and crit add up to unless they go into cdmg mode in the round and even then it is usually one unit not all of them. The only time I ever really see anythng like this happen is when a player who is 30 or more lvls higher than someone they are fighting which is not the case when I fight NihatHaynes. There is only 13 lvls between us. 

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