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2019-10-16   #150

Reply to #149 @leifbrock :

Sevgili oyuncu, bu benim cevabım değil, oyunun mekanikası, iyileştirme parametreleri bu unitden(CDL25T-90/120/140/165/185) transfer edilemez

2019-10-19   #151

hello, i am trying to exchange ice fragment to supreme improvement file but confirmation button not responts

2019-10-19   #152

Reply to #151 @jonnyleon :

Requirement status VIP 4

2019-10-19   #153

congrats...thats why people stopped playing. before was free to exchange..now you ask gold (money) for that..what can i say...

2019-10-19   #154

Reply to #153 @jonnyleon :

Dear user, the conditions of the event change, trade-in before this exchange was without VIP4, now with VIP4. There are no permanent conditions for the event.

2019-10-21   #155

Hi there is two kings in soviet side in world map ??? 
sorry in server 103 

2019-10-21   #156

Reply to #155 @kurtolsen :

No, each block has one King

2019-10-21   #157

Reply to #155 @kurtolsen :

It can happen if someone become king and changes sides before final battle has finished. Has one of other alliances not got a king ?

2019-10-21   #158

Reply to #157 @coby2407 :

It is impossible to change sides during the battle.The crown may be lost if, after the victory and the end of the battles, the side was changed by the king.

2019-10-21   #159

Reply to #158 @admin :

No if you win and become king you can change sides if 1 of the other battles is still going, as long as you change before power battles finish. So there can becone 2 kings and another power wont have a king

2019-10-21   #160



i got issues with reward ace battle of medenine-90

every time i got just 1 dogtag 

also the last one im not gt any dogtag reward  i f i get just one  every time and some time not  get anything  thats mean pay more than 2000 gold to play instance event ace battle of medenine-90

you owe me dogtags

 if you care about  players

if you want log in to my acctount 

also if i lost this event becouse of thats issues

 im not log in to my account again

2019-10-21   #161

Reply to #159 @coby2407 :

Until the battle in the Coliseum is over, no one can change sides.

2019-10-21   #162

Reply to #160 @coreykelley :

Dear user!

All battle zones have a random dropout of an item, in your case, I do not see any problems, but only the work of the random function. Since the event is missing - Go to go =)))

2019-10-21   #163

Well ive done it before so you can, once your final battle is over you can change sides if the other finals have finished you can have 2 kings in same alliance

2019-10-21   #164

Reply to #163 @coby2407 :

Now it doesn't work like that.
You cannot change sides until the system announces 3 kings of 3 sides.

2019-10-21   #165

How comes i've done it then

2019-10-21   #166

Reply to #165 @coby2407 :

the fix did not work, thanks for reporting, we will fix it again.

2019-10-21   #167

EgeoNelson, Server - US West S136- Peleliu

On the 19th October I purchased via the General War recharge system 600 + 10 Game Credits to S136-Peleliu via Paypal, Paypal transaction 89Y31725XE375534W. As of today I still haven't received these in my account for EgeoNelson. Can you help, providing an email address or some way of contacting you to rectify this problem.

2019-10-21   #168

Reply to #167 @egeonelson :


Write your PayPal mailing address,in order to we were able to verify the information

2019-10-22   #169

Reply to #168 @admin :

I am hoping that I have private messaged you my Paypal email address

2019-10-22   #170

Reply to #169 @egeonelson :

Yes, thanks, message received.We will check this information.

2019-11-01   #171

  There is a bug in the game where if you have to sell equips during the arms race event to clear space so you can start to save more silver again it causes your silver total in the arms race event to freeze up and no longer add silver to your total score even after you spend the silver you got from selling equips. Without us players knowing when these events are going to start I never know when I am going to need to clear space in storage so I will have enough space to save silver during an event. My acct is stuck at 62 million in the arms race right now and I should have close to 400 million.

2019-11-01   #172

Reply to #171 @wizz :


This is not a bug, if during an event you make a sale from a warehouse to a rating resource, then your rating in the event stops (until the end of the rating event.). This is done to ensure that the rating was honest.

2019-11-01   #173

ok then you guys need to make an announcement before events begin so that us players have a chance to sell stuff to make room in storage to continue to store silver because the way you guys have it set up now I just got screwed out of event rewards because my storage was full and you started an event without giving us a notice so we could create space in storage. Events used to come on a weekly basis on the same time and day of each week so players could prepare for this and now everything is just random and we have no chance to get ready for events.

2019-11-01   #174

Reply to #173 @wizz :

The events are launched without any warnings, so that everyone has the same chance of winning

2019-11-01   #175

Reply to #173 @wizz :

The events are launched without any warnings, so that everyone has the same chance of winning

2019-11-01   #176

  Really? Does it sound like I have the same chance as everyone else to win the rewards if my silver total gets froze because I had to sell some equips to make room so that I can use my daily silver so I can compete in the events arms race? You guys sure have a screwed up way of looking at things and saying that I have a fair chance at winning rewards when nothing gets added to my total now. The silver total that anyone can hold in their acct is 300 million so with that being the same for everyone you still could give advance warning when the events are going to start and everyone could start with 300 million if they so chose to do so and had the silver. High level players are going to win the rewards anyways no matter what unless their total gets frozen like mine did since I had to make room in storage. I understand you are trying to close the glitch or cheat some players are using in this game to gain an advantage in these events but in doing it this way you are cheating other players out of their chance at rewards.

2019-11-01   #177

Reply to #176 @wizz :

This is not a cheating, this is the mechanics of rating events, since when selling something from a warehouse for an event resource, you are trying to go to an unfair rating race, and to avoid such moments, we stoped the rating calculation due to sales from the warehouse, BUT for event time, silver is counted not only from storage in 300M of savings, but silver, which can be obtained from locations, from events and so on.

In view of all of the above, I do not see any problems in that there is any problem.

And silver, as well as other resource of rating events, counts the amount that you receive during the event, so having 300m in your savings account, this will not give you anything.

2019-11-04   #178

Sharkbait2 S137  

There is a problem/issue in Alliance War.  The troop RED DEVIL has unlimited "Elemental Bombardment" skill each round.  Players use the skill repeatedly until the timer to switch sides comes up.  There is no working CD time.  

2019-11-04   #179

Reply to #178 @evans122 :

We know, we are trying to solve this problem soon.

2019-11-05   #180

  A few months back you guys said you had fixed the bombardment skill glitch with the red devil artillery unit that allowed a player to kill the enemy units in a city on the ww map before the fight even started. but it appears that the glitch did not get fixed for everyone or certain players have figured out how to turn that glitch on whenever they feel like it. There are several players on s55 that are still using this glitch one of which is EVINRUDE. He is a lvl 120 acct that has been running around all day killing lvl 180 guys by using this glitch and killing the units before the fight even starts. I will have to ask around but I think there are a couple of players that are still able to use that glitch with the elemental panzer that allows them to have unlimited healing as well. That bombardment skill glitch when it was first out seemed to be a hit or miss thing that sometimes it would happen and sometimes it would not but this EVINRUDE player seemed to be able to use it in every fight he was in today.

2019-11-05   #181

Reply to #180 @josuapark :

Yes, but after the version was changed, the error began to manifest itself sometimes. We are now again trying to completely remove this error from the game.

2019-11-06   #182

I make more than 60 trick or treat instance.  Is it normal for only have 3 halloween candy for so many instance? 

2019-11-06   #183

Reply to #182 @ikabauer :

If you are fighting in a regular instance, then yes, use the elite instance + when the go to go event is fired + having a VIP with the number of special items should not be a problem.

2019-11-07   #184

Hi we have 2 kings in the same power ?????2 kings.JPG

2019-11-07   #185

Reply to #184 @kurtolsen :

No, only one of them is real, the other at the end of the battle in the coliseum has changed sides, we will fix this visuality in the next updates.

2019-11-10   #186

GstaGibson S-12, my game keeps freezing and when I reboot all the work i've done is lost and goes back to when I first logged in

2019-11-10   #187

Reply to #186 @coby2407 :

We'll check it now.

2019-11-10   #188

It froze everytime I was doing 190 event instance

2019-11-10   #189

Reply to #188 @coby2407 :

Now I will check and instance 190

2019-11-10   #190

Reply to #188 @coby2407 :

I didn't find any problems,please, clean your browser cookies / cache 

No freezes, no rollback

2019-11-10   #191

Ok,thanks. My other account running at same time but no problem

2019-11-10   #192

Reply to #191 @coby2407 :

Have a good game

2019-11-16   #193


there is a bug in the colosseum please review the battel bettween me and AvniGuerra  you find that i had no chance to play in the two rounds we play and he kept using skills none stop before he even move or maybe that is a cheat please investigate 

kurtolsen server 103 

2019-11-16   #194

Reply to #193 @kurtolsen :

What specific skills were used?

Unit skills or combat skills?

2019-11-16   #195

Reply to #194 @admin :

unit skills  of the red devil i think  please review (rewatch) the battle it is played few minutes ago 

2019-11-16   #196

Reply to #195 @kurtolsen :

We are aware of this error, we are trying to fix it soon.

2019-11-18   #197

So when do you guys plan on fixing all these glitches with the trade in units? AvniGuerra on s55 is running through everyone with his T Element supply unit because you can't kill it because he has the unlimited heal glitch on that unit. You keep telling us players that you are going to fix these glitches and nothing is being done. You tell us you provide us a fair game to play and yet you got players that are exploiting glitches and you will not do anything about it. If you need time to fix the glitches why don't you put out a game rule or memo that anyone caught exploiting these glitches with these trade in units will be banned for a period of time.

2019-11-18   #198

Reply to #197 @josuapark :

Dear player, everything doesn't happen so fast, everything takes time. The rules are ready this week; they will be introduced We are working on the correction of errors

2019-11-22   #199

siirwise S 137  hallo.ich bought on 15:11:19 for $ 10 gold. until today this has not been credited in the game.

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