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2020-03-08   #300

campaign 11 in rainforest is screwed up. The bigger the blessing I give myself the more powerful the npc become. The tanks in that campaign are killing my oracle which has 2.9 mil st, 216k defense 179.6 DOD and ten 117% in one shot and that is after I put fort S on it and I am currently at 336% blessing. The campaigns before this one I was only using a 164% blessing to get through. This is just plain stupid. Does not help that the god one shot skill is not activating like it should at the end of the first round and now the solomon wisdom skill skill that used to activate 2 or 3 times during a campaign is now only activating once in 20 rounds. 

2020-03-08   #301

Reply to #300 @josuapark :

You understand that there are players in the game who have 230 and higher levels, you did not wonder, but how did they manage to get through?
You should understand that the matter is not only in unit ratings , but also in the correct strategy for passing these companies.
I repeat, the same skill of Solomon has a chance that it will work, you want should be lucky so that the work of the skill matches your expectations.

NPCs in companies do not have the property of becoming stronger because of your blessing.
Also try to watch the video replays of players who have already passed this company.

2020-03-08   #302

You do realise that there is something strange when the campaigns I did before leading to that one and the next one I was only needing a 160% blessing right? I know all about units and strategy. I have been playing this game for 6 years. Why the sudden jump in the difficulty lvl? This has never happened before and the way the blessing works is that you are supposed to get stronger as you increase your blessing and not have the npc increase their difficulty as well and this is what happened. If you bothered to check that campaign and the following ones after that strategy is not going to help you very much due to your units being surrounded by npc and you can't get your units away from the npc so that you can use jam on them. I gave you the stats on my lvl 210 oracle and based on those stats and the skill I was using on that unit at the start plus a 300% blessing that unit should not have been getting killed in one shot. When I started out at just a 160% blessing it was not getting killed in one shot but I could not get all the units killed before the rounds ran out. It was only after I went past a 200% blessing that the npc seemed to keep getting stronger as I increased my blessing since that is when the tanks started to kill my oracle in one shot. Again why did my blessing go from just 160% on campaign 10 of rainforest to needing 400% on the next 2 campaigns? I understand a slight increase in difficulty as you go up in the campaigns but over 200% increase from one campaign to another is a bit excessive don't you think? I have a 626 mil rating so it is not like I am a weak player.

2020-03-08   #303

Reply to #302 @josuapark :

You do realise that there is something strange when the campaigns I did before leading to that one and the next one I was only needing a 160% blessing right? I know all about units and strategy. I have been playing this game for 6 years. 

— You must understand that the higher the level, the more difficult the company becomes, and not with your blessing the strength of the NPC grows, as you write it.  

I understand a slight increase in difficulty as you go up in the campaigns but over 200% increase from one campaign to another is a bit excessive don't you think? I have a 626 mil rating so it is not like I am a weak player.
— You should also understand that simply cannot constantly play with the same unit, we didn’t just introduce different types of unit levels (the same oracle 190 oracle 210 oracle 230 and so on.)

— I also repeat that problem would have occurred if all the players were stuck at this level of the company, but as we see in the game there are 230, even 250, even 260 levels, which means that there are no technical problems in the game.

2020-03-09   #304

well this shows how little you know or understand about this game and what I am talking about since at this lvl campaing a lvl 230 oracle would not be able to be used since these are lvl 220 campaigns and the NPC are not supposed to increase in strength as you increase your blessing. That is why the previous owners took away the 300% blessing cap that used to be in place because these campaigns were so hard that players needed a bigger blessing than 300% even with the highest lvl units available at that time.I made it through the campaign eventually but I needed over a 400% blessing which is just stupid since the campaign right before that one I did with only a 160% blessing. Sorry to tell you but that big of a jump in the blessing needed to get through a campaign is not right and as I said the NPC are NOT supposed to increase in strenght as you build your blessing which is what was happening to me. You act as if there are no glitches or problems with this game and that is sadly not the case. This game is one big glitch. I have been telling you for months that my apocalypse arty and bayon assault tank skills don't work in certain areas of the game andyet you do nothing to fix it. You tell me you will get back to me about it then never do. If I login into the game right before the boss battle and go right into the fight with the boss my god one shot skill and solomon skill will not trigger during the whole fight with the boss. I have to login in and then have a fight in arena or colosseum or do an instance in order for those skills to trigger during the boss fight.But your game is perfect without any glitches or problems right? give me a break. I orovided you that stats on my oracle and with those stats with a 300% blessing and the fort S skill on it there is no way that unit should have been getting killed with one shot from a tank but you believe whatever you want.

2020-03-09   #305

Reply to #304 @josuapark :

You are repeating the same thing. You do not see what I am writing to you, then look at the rating of players by level and notice that there are no problems with companies.

2020-03-10   #306

I am repeating the same thing because the NPC are not supposed to increase with strength when you are building your blessing. What part of that don't you understand. When I started with a 160% blessing The NPC could not kill my oracle with one shot but at that blessing lvl I could not kill the units in the number of rounds available. Therefore I had to increase my blessing and as I increased my blessing the NPC got stronger and the tanks would kill my oracle in one shot even when I had the fort S skill on that unit. Also due to how a players units are scattered about as well as the npc jam is useless at the start because you can't not jam all the units you need to to prevent getting units killed due to the pattern therefore increasing blessing is necessary. Again NPC are NOT supposed to increase in strength with blessing lvl which is what happened with me. Again my lvl 210 oracle has 216k defense at normal lvl now increase that by 336% and then factor in that it also has 179.6% DOD and 117% TEN and there is no way my oracle should have been getting killed in one shot. As I said I finally  made it past that campaign and the next one but there I was telling you that something is wrong since the NPC increased their strength as I increased my blessing and that is not what the blessing was intended to do. It is also strange that in the all the campaigns before that one I only needed a 160% blessing and then that one and the next ones I am needing over 400% blessing. That kind of jump in the blessing needed to do a campaign has never happened to me before. I am done talking about this. You guys are never wrong and there is nothing wrong with your game according to you eventhough I have told you on multiple occasions issues with your game that you refuse to address. In the past couple of weeks I have also turned in one known player for running accts in different powers and you have not banned him and I know for a fact that they are his accts because he just got his alt back after being banned and never moved that acct to the same power as his main and has been turned in again over a week ago and still the alt is not banned.

2020-03-10   #307

Reply to #306 @josuapark :

NPCs do not increase strength while enhancing your blessing, we NPCs do not have this kind of intelligence.
You must understand that the higher the level of the company, the stronger the NPC, if you are used to passing with a blessing of 160, this does not mean that this will be permanent, this also applies to units, which from time to time need to be changed to newer types
Regarding alternative accounts, read the rules of the game, everything is painted there to the smallest detail.

2020-03-14   #308

Our NG has been turning in the player in question for almost two weeks and you still have not banned him. As I said the NG and myself both know that the accts in question belong to the same person because you just had his alt banned about 3 weeks ago and gave it back and he never moved it and he has not had it banned again after being turned in at least twice since he got it back. I know the rules. Alt have to be in the same power as the persons main acct and that is not the case with this person

2020-03-14   #309

I will have the NG turn it in again as soon as I can speak to him

2020-03-14   #310

Reply to #308 @josuapark :

What kind of person are you writing about? You are so abruptly moving from topic to topic that I do not keep up with you.

2020-03-21   #311

Reply to #295 @admin :

Good afternoon.....Many apologies for my error during gameplay.....Of course I agree to swith my MullaRice account to the same block as my main account.....As I like this game .....Therefore could you please unlock this account.....Kindest Regards  

2020-03-21   #312

Reply to #311 @peterkay :

Your account has been unblocked. As soon as you switch sides, let us know. Have a nice game

2020-04-02   #313

Hello admin why my game his stop to 70% ?

2020-04-02   #314

Reply to #313 @romeomihai :

It's simple, you violated the rules of the game, you created an alt account in another block so that your main account gets benefits.

Your alt account has been blocked indefinitely- remember
Your main account is valid for 24 hours (2020-04-03 20:05:26)

Please, read Game Rules paragraph 5

2020-04-03   #315

1. Your nickname :   LulorBoyd

2. Your server      :  S138- Russion

3.  I buy 600 gold but i dont receve on my cont , 

how is posibble and why ?

2020-04-03   #316

Reply to #315 @lulorboyd :

In our system it shows that you made a purchase for 5$ and received coins, is the problem still relevant?

2020-04-03   #317

Reply to #316 @admin :


You can look here 

23.26 lei in $ = 5 $

139.54 lei in $ = 30$

if the transaction didn't happen I want that  30 $  back 


2020-04-03   #318

Reply to #317 @lulorboyd :

You can send the transaction number in the payment details should be

2020-04-03   #319

Were i can find number of that tranzaction?

for the moment 30$ ar blocked 

the transaction is still underway

2020-04-03   #320

Reply to #319 @lulorboyd :

You can send me on mail proof that you didn't get those $ 30? 

i need to send to my bank  proof  the transaction of $ 30 is not registered in your sistem 

2020-04-03   #321

Reply to #320 @lulorboyd :

Adnotare 2020-04-03 130359.png

is ok like thys?

2020-04-03   #322

Reply to #321 @lulorboyd :

We will check now, wait please

2020-04-03   #323

plz send mony back or send to my an email with your confirmation and i will send to my back and my bank can give my mony back 

2020-04-03   #324

Reply to #323 @lulorboyd :

Now we will send you coins. We apologize for the inconvenience

2020-04-03   #325

Reply to #324 @admin :

Send my mony back 

2020-04-03   #326

Reply to #325 @lulorboyd :

You have already received 610 coins, check

2020-04-03   #327

i told to you to send my mony back 

2020-04-03   #328

Reply to #327 @lulorboyd :

We can not return, because money still hasn't reached our system, understand? there is a problem, how can we return something that has not yet reached us ???

2020-04-03   #329

i told you to send to my an mail and then i will sned to my banck , and my banck cand give my mony back

2020-04-03   #330

Reply to #330 @lulorboyd :

What kind of letter(mail) should we send you, where?
Have you received 610 coins?

2020-04-03   #331

Reply to #329 @lulorboyd :

1. We do not have your mail

2. We do not write any letters

3. Coins you have already received

What kind of refund can we talk about?

2020-04-03   #332

if you dont have mony in your sistem i cand take my mony back, but i need your confirmation 

2020-04-03   #333

Reply to #332 @lulorboyd :

The transaction may be late from several hours to 24 hours, so we will wait, if the money arrives, I will inform you.

The important thing is that you have already received coins.

The reverse process will not be possible, i.e. gold coins are already in your account for $ 30

2020-04-03   #334

Reply to #332 @lulorboyd :

The money has arrived.

2020-04-04   #335

You know I am getting sick and tired of telling you guys that there are bugs in the world boss and nothing is being done to fix it. Once again I just spent 15 minutes in the world boss fight and not once did the solomon wisdom skill trigger on my bayon assault tank. The boss still is disappearing once I reach 2 billion damage points and most times it does not reappear even after I refresh. If I login to the game at the start of the world boss fight and I don't do a colosseum, arena fight or instance before I join the boss fight neither the god one shot skill or the solomon wisdom skill will work. I have been reporting this for months and still you guys have done nothing to fix it. Is this going to be another one of your lame excuses about trying to bring fairness to the game for all the players that don't want to spend money and this is just your way of getting out of fixing the game? There are players on my server that can't even play the world boss because of the bugs in this part of the game.

2020-04-04   #336

Reply to #335 @josuapark :

I have already written to you 100 times,the skill of Solomon has a chance of what will work, it may not work. Do you understand ??? I wrote to you about this more than once,but again you write the same thing

2020-04-07   #337

You guys have a display bug in the fierce confrontation instance. The armored weapon bp show up as a black box and then when it is saved into storage it shows up as a different item as you delete things from storage. Right now it is showing up as a world boos box.



2020-04-07   #338

Reply to #337 @josuapark :

We know, that there no image in the blueprint (due to lack of image, the system copies any image from the warehouse)

But you can use this blueprint. We will fix this in future updates.

2020-04-09   #339



hi there seems to be an issue either a typo or with values in the current GP event. It states that each exp refresh will gain players 2 gp points in the event but only credits 1 to the tally. Normally i wouldnt really mind (its all fun at the end of the day) but ive spent more than 5 million exp on this event. will i get a refund or a credit to my tally? Thanks 

2020-04-09   #340

Reply to #339 @nikolai :

There is an error in the description of the event itself, next time we will fix it, for updating the experience it adds only 1 points

2020-04-09   #341

hi, thank you for letting me know i pointed out a problem dude

2020-04-13   #342

are you guys every going to fix the bug that happens in HOF and ALC war when it comes to the skill jam? Everytime my alc fights the alc axispower or someone uses jam on me in HOF and someone uses jam purge and total war will not clear the buffs. Jams lasts 5 rounds or more and purge which is supposed to clear up to 5 buffs will only clear one buff from jam. Sometimes it will let a unit move again but will not give its range back and other times it will get its range back back won't move. I have been reporting this for years and you guys still have not fixed it. It only seems to happen when certain players use jam. I can't  not name names now though since names are no longer appearing during the alc battle so I have no idea who is dropping the jam skills

2020-04-13   #343

Reply to #342 @josuapark :

Who were you reporting to? to us? You didn’t tell us about such a problem, we are not a gamebox! We will check for a problem.

2020-04-13   #344

Thats is funny because the last problem I had concerning the skills on my units not working the way they should your tech told me that you guys created this game so all my complaints should have been heard by you guys since I was reporting this problem directly to you guys through game box and I have reported the jam problem in HOF to you guys in the time since you have taken over this game. 

2020-04-13   #345

Reply to #344 @josuapark :

Yes, we created the game, but this does not mean that everything that you wrote was transmitted to us.
Do you understand? So, now describe in more detail, what is the problem with jammig?

Unit skills do not work for all players, you are the same player as everyone else.

2020-04-13   #346

In alc war when my alc fights the alc axispower there is a player or players that when they use the gam skill on me or other players the jam last for up to 6 rounds at times. You can not clear the jam either with the purge skill which is supposed to clear 5 buffs and debuffs and total war does not clear all of the jam affects either and it is supposed to clear 2 debuffs as well. What happens is those skills will only clear 1 of the affects of jam instead of clearing it all together like they do in other parts of the game. What happens is sometimes it will give back the ability to move but not range and other times you get back range but you can't move. This same problem happens in HOF as well at times with certain players.

2020-04-13   #347

Reply to #346 @josuapark :

We will check this.

2020-04-20   #348

is there a problem with matchup in colosseum? For the last 2 or 3 months now I will constantly match me up with the same player for 5 to 6 times out of my 10 chances and when I am getting only 1 point for each win from that player it makes it hard to make up points on other players ahead of me. Today I just did 15 matchups and 9 of those matchups were with the same person. I don't get matched up with the same player everyday but what seems to happen is I everyday I play colosseum I matchup with a player that is lower in the the top 10 rank and then I seem to get stuck matching up with that player over and over. Refreshing does not help either since I will refresh and come back into colosseum and almost always my next few matchups are with the same person again.

2020-04-21   #349

Reply to #348 @josuapark :

How many series of victories do you have?

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