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Seferdeyken oyunum kilitlendi....

Son sefer hakkımdı ....Hiçbir birliğr hukmedemiyorumEkran Görüntüsü (3).png

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Reply to #600 @leifbrock :
Görünüşe göre İnternet bağlantısı problemi  yaşanmış, bu durumda yalnız oyun sayfayısını yenilemek gerekiyor.

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Reply to #598 @renegade9 :

We recharge your 2 payments.
You just have to close the request to PayPal. We apologize for the delay.Due to the fact that you stopped responding to our letters that we wrote to you in the gamemail, so it took us some time to solve the problem.

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H of F is up but still got scores from last one, not been set to zero

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Reply to #603 @coby2407 :

Тhanks for the info
We will turn on the Hall of Fame without awards for 3 days, at the end the rating will be reset and then we will launch it again with a rating of 0 and with awards.

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and will you clear the winning streak when you reset the hall of fame.

everybodies winning streak or losing streak  should be reset to zero.

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Reply to #605 @demolition :

You can do this now, to lose on purpose to someone, because. HOF is currently not officially enabled yet.

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Oyu yüklemsi 70 de kalıyor 

Sayfayı yeniledikten sonra takıldı...

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Reply to #607 @leifbrock :

Hic bir problem yok

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I have been telling you for about a year now that you have a bug in the world boss. The boss disappears every time I get to 2 billion damage points (I am not using mini boss skills to do damage it is all done with units and skills and battle items) and I have to refresh my game to get the boss to reappear and when I do that then I don't get my full strategy points back that are available to me. I have to refresh because if I wait the almost 3 minutes it takes to let me back into the world boss the boss is still not there. I am providing a pic of the how many strategy points are available to me this time after I had to refresh.

world boss.png

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Reply to #609 @josuapark :

There are limits in our game, this is the resource limit, when the resource is above 2 billion, then the resource disappears and shows a minus, with the World Boss also, when you receive maximum damage, previously this was only possible with the skills of the mini-boss, the world boss disappears and you need to update the game, to get him back.

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ok so why don't I get my full strategy points back then? I should have 233 strategy points every  time I come back into the world boss fight and I don't The picture I sent shows I only had 88 strategy points. I can deal with the boss disappearing but not having my full strategy points back is a pain to deal with

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Reply to #611 @josuapark :

All answers can be seen in the post above. After dealing damage in excess of the set limit, a crash occurs. We will try to increase the damage limit, but this will make it harder for other players to play against the world boss.

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nevermind. your answer you gave only explained why the boss disappears and not why I don't get my full strategy points back after refreshing but I found out that if I completely close out the browser and then open it back up and login back into the game I get my full strategy points back when I come back in to fight the boss. Pretty dumb that I have to do that and it seems that I am the only having this problem since I am the only reporting it though

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It must have been a fluke. I tried closing the browser completely again tonight during the world boss fight and when I came back each time I had a lower number of strategy points available to me. I had to refresh twice since it was the hell lord boss which takes over 4 billion points to kill so I had to refresh twice.

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Reply to #613 @josuapark :

It's all about the limits, everyone apparently understands this.

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Reply to #614 @josuapark :

You have become stronger, congratulations.

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Guess I will try refreshing with my other acct and see if the number of strategy points lowers after each refresh on that acct as well and then I will know if it is happening to everyone or just certian people and accts. It makes no sense that a persons strategy points lower every time you have to refresh. Your strategy points are a set number based on the lvl of you tech center and should not change. Strategy points do not lower as a player is refreshing to build a blessing for campaigns so I don't know why the world boss should be any different. Will try another acct tonight and see what happens.

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Reply to #617 @josuapark :

Because on the World Boss there are completely different restrictions that are not found in other locations.

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Baidu ve UC den oyuna girmeye çalışıyorum %70 de kalıyor ilerlemiyor...

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Reply to #619 @leifbrock :

Doğru, HOF oynadığınız hesaplarla birlikte bloke edildiniz : ZULU.S137 / BretMiles / Mojna / VeloRaptor - HOF-un sonuna kadar

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Benim oynadığımı nereden biliyorsunuz ?!!

Hem IP adresine bakarmısınız ben mi yapmışım?

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Evet, ayni IP adress

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Oyuna giremiyorum bilgi alabilirmiyim?

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HOF -> LeifBrock vs Mojna - banned 72h.

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S 137 


22.05.2021 de açılacak o zaman 19-20-21 . 05 . 2021 tarihleri arasında yani

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Reply to #625 @leifbrock :

Server time : 2021-05-21 16:31:22

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Gold joyda sıkıntı mı var ...

1 ve 2 sayfalar aynı?

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Reply to #627 @leifbrock :

Kontrol edildi, sorun olmamalı, oyunla sayfayı yenileyin.

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s 38 Detroit cant log in 

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Reply to #629 @jonnyleon :

Hi What exactly is your problem?

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Loading stops at 70%

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Your ingame nickname?

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DAK -S10

Can't log in. Stuck at 70%.

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General War - Official Web Site.jpg

s3 norfolk doesnt load past 70%.

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Now we will check and restore access

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JonnyLeon  S-38

2021-06-23   #638

Access restored, please check.

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Cant get into game this come up. 



说明: HTTP 404。您正在查找的资源(或者它的一个依赖项)可能已被移除,或其名称已更改,或暂时不可用。请检查以下 URL 并确保其拼写正确。 

请求的 URL: /GeneralWar.aspx

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Reply to #639 @coby2407 :

Check now,please

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Can get in now, thanks

2021-07-21   #642


the game stuck at 70%

NihatHaynes   s73


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Reply to #642 @osama :

Thanks for the message, we fix it

2021-07-21   #644

We are aware of the problem with the servers, access will be restored soon.

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S 137 

Oyuna giremiyorum sorun mu var ?

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Reply to #645 @leifbrock :

Yeniden yoklayin

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All servers are working properly.

Thank you for understanding.

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Player PRETITOR s21 can not receive rewards from the ww map since his receive button never resets. He gets his 50 HP and the receive button will not light up to allow him to receive his chests. He can not post here on forums because the forum page says he does not exist.

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Reply to #648 @josuapark :


Rewards must be received after 21:00 server time and before 00:00. If you try to get rewards after 00:00 server time, you will not be able to get them.

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